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What are the old names of Nanjing?

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the old name of Nanjing

Yue City: after Gou Jian, king of Yue, destroyed Wu in 472 BC, he tried to further annex the state of Chu and took a fancy to the changganli area of Zhonghua Gate (changganli, that is, the area along Yuhua Road, changganqiao, changganmen, Nanjing today). It is also the “Lang rides a bamboo horse and makes green plums around the bed. Living together in changganli, it is impossible to guess.” In the long stem mentioned.) And built a city here – Yuecheng. Yue city is not big, but it is the earliest famous city in Nanjing history
Jinling: in 333 BC, King Wei of Chu destroyed Yue and built a city in Qingliang mountain, Nanjing, which is called Jinling City. This is the origin of the famous “Jinling”. There is also an allusion that the son of Chu buried gold. King Wei of Chu “buried gold to town” by the river north of lion mountain. (Shizishan is located in the northwest of Nanjing, with an altitude of 77.5 meters. Yuejiang building is in Shizishan park.)
moling: Qin Shihuang abandoned the former cities of the six countries to weaken the hidden danger of subverting the great Qin Dynasty. Jinling City was abandoned and moling county was established. Moling – a place where horses are fed
Jianye: in 211 BC, Sun Quan built a stone city (today’s ghost face city) on the former site of jinlingyi using natural stone walls, but Sun Quan was busy competing for the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, so he didn’t stay here for a long time. But 18 years later, after the battle of Chibi, he moved his capital here to create an industry city, which means “establishing imperial industry”
Jianye: Sima destroyed the Three Kingdoms and established the political power of the Western Jin Dynasty. The name of “establishing imperial industry” can no longer be used and changed to “Jianye”
Jiankang: at the end of the Western Jin Dynasty, the name of the Jin emperor was simaye. In order to avoid taboo, Jianye was changed to “Jiankang”. Since then, in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, song, Qi, Liang and Chen Junyan used this city
Jiangzhou: after Sui Pingchen, the policy of restraining local forces in the south of the Yangtze River was implemented and Jiangzhou was established. Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty ordered to destroy all Jiankang cities and palaces and turn them into cultivated land to avoid being occupied and continue to be emperor. In this way, Jiankang has only a small stone city as “Jiangzhou”
naturalized Baixia Shangyuan Shengzhou Jiangning: it was renamed repeatedly in the Sui and Tang Dynasties
Jiangning: in 937, Xu Zhigao (Li Min) established the state in the Southern Tang Dynasty on behalf of Wu, made Jinling the capital, and changed Jinling mansion to Jiangning mansion
Jiankang: in 1127, song Gaozong ascended the throne and changed Jiangning mansion to Jiankang mansion as the eastern capital. Soon Jin Bing went south, Gaozong fled south and went to Hangzhou to officially establish the capital, with Jiankang Prefecture as the accompanying capital
Jiqing: in the 12th year from the emperor Shizu of the Yuan Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty, Jiangnan and Jiankang government ruled and opened the province. In the first year of Dade, wanhu government of Yidu new army moved from Ningguo to Jiankang road. In the second year of Tianli (AD 1329), Kang Road was rebuilt into Jiqing road
Ying Tian: in 1356, Zhu Yuanzhang personally led troops to attack “Jiqing” (the battle of Jiqing) in three ways. It took ten days to break through “Jiqing” and change it to “Ying Tian”
(Nanjing: in 1368 ad, Zhu Yuanzhang became emperor in Yingtian. In the same year, Yingtian mansion was the South /capital and Kaifeng mansion was the North /capital. Yingtian was Nanjing.)

Nanjing, formerly known as “Jinling”
Nanjing is located in the east of China, the provincial capital of Jiangsu Province, the core city in the east of China and a national famous historical and cultural city. The total area is about 6587 square kilometers and the population is about 8.27 million. The natural climate is subtropical monsoon climate
transportation hubs: Nanjing Lukou International Airport, Nanjing Ma’an International Airport, Nanjing South Railway Station, Jiangning railway station
famous tourist attractions: Zhongshan Mausoleum, ruins of Ming Dynasty city wall, Ming Xiaoling, Xuanwu Lake, Confucius Temple, Zhongshan wharf, former site of Nanjing National Government, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Yan Xishan residence, Central Hotel, presidential palace, etc
colleges and Universities: Nanjing University (directly under the Ministry of Education), Southeast University, Haihe University, Nanjing University of technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, Nanjing Academy of Arts, Nanjing Medical University, etc.

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