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What are the requirements for printed pictures

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the clearer the better. Low pixel ones can also be printed. You don’t have to get 300dpi, which is an ideal state with high requirements,

if you use photo to process the picture, the pixel is 300dpi, which can ensure that the original size of the picture is not distorted. It’s best not to zoom in more than 150%. Otherwise, jagged edges will appear

if your original picture is not accurate enough, you can use the screen in photo; After hanging the net, your picture can be dragged to 200% of the original size

printing uses 4 colors. You should set 4 colors (CMYK) on the scanner when scanning the picture. Or you can turn it into 4 colors in photo (the same is true for electronic pictures)


try not to print again with the pictures scanned from the printed matter, because the pictures on the printed matter; The monochrome part has moire, which is required by the product brush machine, which affects the clarity

I hope it will help you.

at least be clear!

the larger the pixel, the clearer it will be

there are a lot of printed materials in Baidu’s PP forum. There are many friends who do packaging and printing

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