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What are the requirements of automatic labeling machine for labels

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the most basic requirement is that the label manufacturer should make the label into a roll. The label can only be used on the labeling machine when it is rolled. The label should be cut properly and the paper should not have wrinkles. These are one of the standards formulated by the well-known labeling machine for labels.

the automatic labeling machine generally has no requirements for labels, and the label size is customized according to the customer’s requirements. Different products may use different labeling machines. For example, Dajia has high-speed plane labeling, horizontal round bottle labeling, vertical round bottle labeling and so on.

find the manufacturer of the labeling machine

please give a clear answer first: customers who buy our labeling machine, labeling machine manufacturers generally require customers to provide corresponding products, packaging, label size, required labeling speed, etc. in a professional, rigorous and responsible attitude, they all require customers to provide labeling samples and product labels for in factory testing and trial labeling


many customers don’t understand, and some feel troublesome: why do you need to provide samples and labels when buying labeling machines? The products to be labeled are required to send samples and labels, mainly because the labeling machinery is specially designed according to specific products, and the product category and labeling effect will be different

explain why:

labeling equipment produced by labeling machine manufacturers are all made of high-end science and technology. They are the crystallization of first-class mechatronics technology in terms of sensing detection, speed control and programming procedures. In addition to the exquisite structure of the whole machine, the products of Mechatronics also need to optimize the action and cooperation in the actual debugging process to make the labeling more accurate. Once the customer provides the product, the company can use the product to debug the equipment to the best state

when sending samples, you can directly watch the video of product labeling effect. As one of the methods of equipment acceptance, it is convenient, fast and time-saving to buy equipment without worrying about poor labeling after buying the equipment

due to anti-counterfeiting or characteristics, the shape of the pasted object is ever-changing. The material distribution, labeling, label rolling /labeling actions on the labeling machine are closely related to the shape of the pasted object. Only designed according to the given length, width and height (diameter and height), or simulated the test machine with samples of similar specifications, it can not reflect the real state of the customer’s samples on the labeling machine, Hidden problems are often found only after acceptance, which is unfavorable to both parties

solution: therefore, it can be simply summed up that when purchasing a labeling machine, it is also necessary to analyze specific products according to specific products. For different products, providing sample trial stickers is a beneficial and harmless practice for both buyers and sellers. This is why the labeling machine manufacturer has always insisted on asking customers to provide labeling samples and labels. In order to buy a better labeling equipment, please provide labeling samples and labels to us

the above is about some requirements of automatic labeling machine for labels

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