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What brand of automatic pen is easy to use

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the top ten brands of automatic pen in 2020 are Muji /Muji, Sakura /Sakura, mapped maped, Amazon /Amazon, Kitty /and Chenguang /M & amp; G. Geddes, Wanli, the queen of magic and xiaolingjing
Muji feels like they have everything, from clothes to accessories. In fact, their automatic pencils are also good. There are two kinds of automatic pencils that are particularly easy to use, one is low gravity automatic pencils, and the other is hexagonal automatic pencils. Low gravity automatic pencil is stable and labor-saving when writing. Because of the low center of gravity, the top of the automatic pencil pen has lead hardness. Hexagonal automatic pencil can effectively maintain a good pen holding posture. Bring your own eraser. The nib is made of metal. Relatively durable


dragonfly is also a Japanese brand. The best brand of automatic pencil may not be dragonfly, but it must be the most peculiar design



which brand of automatic pencil is better, how can it be less than Mitsubishi? Not only the automatic pencil, but also the marker, needle pen and Mitsubishi are doing very well. Mitsubishi is characterized by very good quality and cost performance. There is also a refill that can rotate while writing, with a particularly humanized design

Faber Castell

Faber Castell’s brand has a history of more than 200 years. Faber Castell will certainly occupy a place in the brand of automatic pencil. It’s not enough to talk about it for so long. This brand of automatic pencil is more inclined to the direction of art, so if you draw, it’s very good to use this brand of pencil


Schroder is a German brand with a history of more than 170 years. Now Schroder is synonymous with pen. There are more than 10 factories around the world and feed more than 3000 workers. It is the largest manufacturer of pencils, colored lead and erasers in Europe. Shi delou’s pen quality and reputation are very good, but it’s a little expensive

red ring

German red ring is also a needle pen, which is particularly easy to use. Among them, the supplementary ink needle pen set is the most popular. Just buy a box of ink. Very cost-effective. 600 /800 + /rapid pro in automatic pencil series. The drawing automatic pencil series named by hundreds of digits is the favorite of architecture students. Which brand of automatic pencil is good must be red ring


Sakura’s syringe pen is the most widely used. It is available in various models and colors, and has good cost performance. Their automatic pencil is also very good. Xs-125 anti broken core automatic pencil is very easy to use and feels good to hold. There is no need to worry that the broken refill will affect the effect of the whole painting


Pantone’s side press automatic pencil pd105t is very classic and is a memory of many people’s childhood. And orenz, which is very thin to 0.2-0.3, and adopts a retractable core tube. Therefore, as long as the refill is flush with the core tube, it can write, and it can write for quite a long time. It can be called a revolution in the field of automatic pencils! Which brand is good, and the pass is awesome. Br>

baccarat is also a Japanese brand, in which the erasable pen and pen are the best, the neutral pen is not very good, and their automatic pencil is in line with the rules, but this brand is really a big brand, so there is no need to worry about the quality, but the reputation of automatic lead pen is not so big


domestic brands are coming. Deli’s advertising is office stationery. Deli’s printing paper and pen are very good. Although the automatic pencil is not so good-looking, its quality is very good and worth having.

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