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What cosmetics brand is good

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choose cosmetics according to your skin type, demand and consumption ability, and pay attention to the instructions and marks of cosmetics. Well known cosmetics brands include Lancome, Estee Lauder, Dior, Shiseido, Chanel, etc

top ten cosmetics brands in the world

1 Lancome

Lancome ranks first among the top ten cosmetics brands in the world. This brand has a high position in the cosmetics industry, and its products are widely involved. Both skin care lines and makeup lines are well done, have good effects, and attach great importance to the sense of use


star products: Lancome Qingying toner, Lancome small black bottle, Lancome Jing pure air cushion foundation make-up

2 Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is the world’s largest skin care, cosmetics and perfume company. The consumer group it faces is generally mature women aged 25-35. Both smell and packaging give people an elegant and mature beauty

star products: Estee Lauder small brown bottle essence, double wear makeup holding liquid foundation, Estee Lauder Qinshui liquid foundation

3 Dior

Dior is a famous fashion consumer brand in France. It also has a position that can not be ignored in the cosmetics and perfume industry. The product style is colorful and experience art, which is the love of many people

star products: Dior flame Blue Gold lipstick, Dior five color eye shadow, Dior lipstick powder

4 Shiseido

Shiseido is a famous cosmetics brand in Japan and the largest cosmetics group in Japan. It has CPB, IPSA and other well-known cosmetics and skin care brands, covering high, medium and low-grade cosmetics and skin care products. Consumers of all ages can buy the products they need

star products: Shiseido red Yan flesh activating essence, Shiseido red honeydew

5 Clinique

founded in 1968, Clinique is a brand of Estee Lauder group in the United States. It is characterized by a fresh image and a deep medical research background. It forms a strong contrast with other brands, making people feel more at ease when using it

star products: Clinique butter gel, Clinique whitening essence
8 Chanel

Chanel is one of the most well-known luxury brands in the world. Its products range from jewelry, clothing, perfume to cosmetics. The best cosmetics are color cosmetics, such as lipstick, eye shadow, etc

Star Products: Chanel velvet Lip Glaze, Chanel naked jelly air cushion

9 Helena

Helena is a top luxury beauty brand under L’Oreal Group. Since its birth, it has been strictly abiding by the brand connotation of “rigor, science, art, philosophy and women”, and has become one of the foundation brands in the modern beauty industry

star products: Helena eye black, Helena Yuehuo newborn repair essence

which are the more famous cosmetics brands
10 Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is a world-famous American brand. As early as the 1920s, Elizabeth Arden once monopolized the whole advanced beauty and skin care market, and even the necessary brand in Marilyn Monroe makeup box. Now it is also very popular with consumers

star products: Elizabeth Arden composite face cream, Arden spacetime huanhuo capsule essence

how to select cosmetics

1 Choose cosmetics according to your skin type

what suits you is the best. This sentence still applies here. Before choosing cosmetics, we’d better understand what type of skin we are, and then choose cosmetics according to our skin type, so as to make the role of cosmetics play to the extreme

2. To choose cosmetics according to your own needs

it is recommended to choose cosmetics in three levels. The first level is the most elementary type of cosmetics. Among them, you need at least one bottle of cleaning products, one bottle of face cream and one bottle of sunscreen. There is a subdivision in the selection of secondary cosmetics. In addition, there must be day cream and night cream used in the morning and evening, so that you can take full care of your skin for different periods of time. At the same time, you must add eye cream and essence. The third level, that is, the choice of top cosmetics, must be added to the first and second level. Facial mask is a highly efficient product, which can quickly adjust the skin

3. Choose cosmetics according to your consumption ability

for those with poor economic strength, you can choose mid-range cosmetics. Brands can choose those second-line brands that are not very well-known. The effect may be almost the same as that of first-line big brands, but the price will be much lower

4. Pay attention to the instructions and marks of cosmetics

be sure to check whether there is the license number of special-purpose cosmetics on the product package. At the same time, use cosmetics in strict accordance with the instructions. Stop using cosmetics as soon as possible and seek help in time in case of discomfort

5. It’s best to try, but

it’s the same sentence. After all, everyone’s skin is different, so cosmetics suitable for others may not be suitable for you, and what is also suitable for you may not be suitable for others. Therefore, it’s best to try before choosing
6. The mystery of sea blue

the mystery of sea blue is a brand of Estee Lauder group. It is most famous for face cream. It is known as a miracle in the cosmetics industry and the “king of face cream”. The products of sea blue mystery are characterized by luxury and magic, which are the love of many stars.

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 1. Kerun toner 

This skin care brand is specially made for Japanese skin care products. No alcohol, essence and other irritants, especially mild. Even pregnant women can use it. There are three kinds of make-up moisture. The refreshing type is suitable for oily skin or mixed oily skin, the standard type is suitable for people without any skin problems, and the moisturizing type is suitable for dry skin

 2. L'Oreal grape seed water emulsion 

 L'Oreal is a high-quality product in parity. Its water emulsion extracts the nutrition from grape seeds to moisturize and repair our skin. However, this set of water emulsion is a little thick and greasy on the whole, which is not suitable for oily skin, especially in summer

 3. AHC hyaluronic acid water emulsion 

 AHC uric acid breaking water emulsion, which is called small fairy water, shows the ease of use of this water emulsion. Similarly, this water emulsion is also particularly suitable for sensitive muscles, and is also suitable for any skin. Its hydrating function is very powerful. It can lock the moisture of the skin, calm the skin and repair potential skin problems

 there are many brands of skin care products that are easy to use, not only Kerun makeup water, L'Oreal grape seed water emulsion, AHC hyaluronic acid water emulsion, but also huayuji rose face cream, SK-II skin care essence lotion, Sujian repair milk and other skin care products

Ask questions

 I want to brighten my complexion 

 large pores 

 which is better, Han Xizhen or half an acre of flower field 


 half an acre of flower field is better, and its reputation has always been good 


 is it true that half an mu of flower field can whiten and lighten spots? They say that whitening and lightening products generally rebound, don't they 



 because cosmetics do not represent medical drugs


 understand which is better in this respect, half Mu flower field or Han Xizhen 


f an acre of flower field is better 


 Han Xizhen is a big brand. Is half an acre of flower field really that good


 well, it's not very good. It's just that some responses from some users feel better. They're almost the same in real comparison

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as for the question you asked about what brand of cosmetics has good quality, this is not a satisfactory answer to you, because it is suspected of publishing advertisements in disguise. You can only make the following simple answer. It is suggested that you should choose the products of large brands and regular manufacturers. Although the price is more expensive, the quality is reliable, the safety is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is guaranteed.

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