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What details should be paid attention to in the design of food packaging bags

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food packaging design is generally divided into packaging picture and packaging form, so the details can be seen from the picture and form
1. From the picture, it can be divided into picture, color and information layout
1) picture: it can be simple and atmospheric, vivid and interesting, hand drawn, realistic, or no picture, highlighting product information, This should be seen according to the attributes of the product
2) color: the main color and auxiliary color should be matched reasonably, and the color area should be matched and used reasonably
3) typesetting: simple and focused, not too messy. If it is in supermarkets, consumers can know at a glance whether it is the product they want, or pay attention to the classification of important information, so that consumers can quickly understand what the product is for
2. In terms of packaging form
1) consider the industrial characteristics of food packaging, the selection of materials should meet the requirements of food itself, and secondly, how to innovate and attract people in the inherent packaging form, The disadvantages of the existing form and convenience of packaging can be improved. For example, the packaging of nongnongshan spring baby water
2) the packaging form is irregular. Whether it can be produced and whether the production cost is too high should be considered. Generally, products with high price will be considered, and fast-selling products will not be made.

it’s hard for me to suggest how to make it more beautiful, because everyone’s aesthetic outlook is different. Isn’t the packaging style of coconut juice of coconut tree brand popular
what I want to say is: for food packaging design, first study the national standard GB /7718-2011 national standard for food safety, general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food, and master all the detailed requirements, including the requirements of text and graphics
it’s the most helpless thing to be cracked down on false labels! Don’t make mistakes because of packaging design
there are also some other standards involved. Let’s download and study together
if you have any other questions, you are welcome to raise them in the way of “questioning”.

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