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What enterprises need steam boilers?

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steam boilers are widely used and play an important role in production and life. Boilers have a wide range of uses, including industrial and civil. The following enterprises will use steam boilers:
steam boilers exchange the heat of steam with water through heat exchangers, heat the water, and then can be used for heating, heating, bathing, production and other purposes
food industry: food processing, medical industry and filled bottles and cans are used for disinfection. The food industry can be used for steamed meat and meals. Wine also uses steam
in the petrochemical industry, steam can heat oil and increase liquidity. Steam is also used in petrochemical production
manufacturers use steam for a wider range of applications, such as foam boards for thermal insulation, and steam heating raw materials for foaming in production. The wood used to make furniture should be dried with steam before making furniture. Building aerated bricks should also be dried with steam, and can also generate electricity, etc
washing and ironing industry: supporting the use of dry cleaners, dryers, water washers, dehydrators, irons, irons and other equipment
packaging machinery industry: supporting the use of labeling machines and labeling machines
biochemical industry: supporting the use of fermentation tanks, reactors, sandwich pots, mixers, emulsifying machines and other equipment
food machinery industry: Tofu machines, steamers, sterilization tanks, packaging machines, coating equipment Other industries: (oil field, automobile) steam cleaning industry, (Hotel, dormitory, school) steam or hot water supply, (bridge, railway) concrete maintenance, etc

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