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What equipment is needed to open a carton factory

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ink printing slotting machine is responsible for printing and basic processing. It is divided into manual ink printing slotting machine and semi-automatic ink printing slotting machine

box gluing machine

die cutting machine: necessary equipment for producing special-shaped cartons and color printing


paper separation and thread pressing machine: it can process small pieces of paper by reforming the paperboard and cutting the paperboard

thin knife machine: reformed paperboard and cut paperboard. It is not suitable for too small pieces of paper, but the paper separation effect is better than that of paper crimping machine

it is also called small slotting machine

other auxiliary equipment: paper feeder, baler, packer, etc

extended data

the equipment required are paper separator, printing slotting machine & nbsp;, Binding machine. The capital depends on what equipment you buy, new or old. Generally speaking, equipment needs a million dollars to buy

there are large and small carton factories. Take large carton factory equipment for example: large carton equipment costs tens of millions for a corrugated board production line, plus some miscellaneous things, about tens of millions. A medium-sized carton factory needs about four sets of production equipment and some senior operating technicians, while some small carton factories can produce cartons with only one carton nailing machine, so it is not easy to run carton factories

if you make ordinary cartons, you need some equipment. A corrugated board production printing machine and a nail box machine are all right. Carton packaging equipment refers to carton forming machine and unpacking machine, which automatically completes unpacking, forming and folding of lower bottom leaves. At present, the lower part of the adhesive tape is pasted, the box board folded into cardboard is opened, the bottom of the box is folded according to a certain procedure, sealed with adhesive tape and sent to the special equipment of the packing machine

reference source: Baidu knows – what production equipment is needed to make cartons

2 paper separators, 1 printing press, 1 slotting machine or corner punching machine, 2 nailing machines The specific requirement is to determine the machine according to your own order. The above machines are about 80000 second-hand. A brand new 150000 can also be bought When purchasing the machine, it’s best to find someone who has a certain understanding of the carton machine. Look at the machine first and then buy it.
you should have certain fixed customers In their existing customers, it is appropriate to pay 150000-200000 yuan a month in the Pearl River Delta In my many years of experience summary A small secondary carton factory Factories with a plant area of more than 600 square meters and less than 250000 a month have no profit. Please think twice if you want to invest in a factory
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 Hello! Opening a packing box processing plant requires 

1。 Beer machine, 930 * 660, second-hand 12000, new 30000. More than 40000 new ones are fully opened, and those that are super fully opened are more expensive than 70000 and more than 100000. And a fully automatic one or two million

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2。 Glue mounting machine, thousands of pieces manually, more than 100000 automatic domestic machines 

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3。 Booker, about 5000

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4。 Box gluing machine, about 50000, can also stick boxes manually

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 also, whether the color surface is printed by ourselves or processed externally. For self printing, we need a printing machine to make color boxes. Generally, we use second-hand imported machines, about 5.6 million, and a copying machine


So, you better look at your own business structure and find an experienced teacher to advise you. It is true that 500000 can start, but the specification is small, it is hard to do, and do a good job in inverse proportion. Wish you success
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need printing slotting machine, paper separator, nail box machine, a set of two mobile phones, about 70000.

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