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What equipment is needed to open a small carton processing plant?

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The name, specification and model of the machine should be more detailed. Thank you. I don’t know anything about cartons

you’d better go to the carton processing factory for on-the-spot inspection. It’s best to not only need equipment, but also manage sales. An enterprise has a lot of things. It’s not just to buy a machine and go home for production. Learn from others’ management experience and production philosophy.

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Hello, if it’s small, just buy a printing slotting machine, a thin knife machine or divider, a box ordering machine, and buy cardboard to produce boxes. If you still need to know, please chat on QQ, my QQ;


line pressing and paper separating machine, two

two-color printing machines (with slotting), one,

automatic slotting machine, corner punching machine, roll beer 3000mm, one each

manual beer machine 1000×1500, two

viscose machines, two

nailing machines, two

second-hand about 300000 in total

1000 square meters of workshop is enough

a registered fund of 500000 to 1 million is enough ~

the above is what I told you to need ~! I’m also thinking about the carton factory

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