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What equipment is needed to open a vegetable packaging factory?

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Ben was born in a small town. People in his hometown mainly operate vegetable greenhouses. One day, the vegetable processing plant will be able to do it
vegetable processing items
1 Market Research: through the investigation of the vegetable market, we mainly understand the sales volume of vegetables and the sales mode of vegetables (bulk sales of plastic boxes or convenient lunch boxes) from large supermarkets, hotels, schools and other places, mainly with the supermarket procurement manager Communicate with hotel purchasing manager and school canteen. So as to understand the current situation of vegetable market and formulate marketing plan
2 Visited Shandong Shouguang vegetable base and learned quite a lot
3 Understand the sales model of products at similar stages abroad and at home (the United States, Japan, etc.)
4 Learn from local government departments about the preferential policies for farmers to set up factories and the support given by the government
5 Looking for partners, bank loans or personal franchises
6 Plant construction: location, selection of processing items, purchase of processing equipment
7 Apply to the government land management department for land occupation approval, etc.
8 Understand the sustainability of plastic packaging and the feasibility of seeking other alternatives

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