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What if the packing machine breaks down

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first of all, the electromagnet does not engage. Most of the causes of this fault are internal faults of the host, burn-out of the electromagnet coil, line interruption and other reasons. The solutions are as follows: first, check whether there is a problem inside or outside the host; Secondly, check the electromagnet safety tube, check whether the electromagnet has signs of power on, eliminate mechanical jamming, and detect the internal power supply when everything is normal; It is often encountered in weighing and packaging machines that the causes of this fault are: Sensor damage, bridge supply voltage fault, wrong line connection or interruption. The troubleshooting methods are: detect the load signal of the sensor, wiring or host, and detect the bridge supply and amplification circuit or computer output display circuit, Sometimes, the bag capacity is unstable due to poor system stability. Solving this problem can test whether the line is faulty. So if you buy a high-quality one once and for all, you can go to Zhonghe packaging and listen to your friends that it’s pretty good.

What if the packaging machine breaks down

may I ask your friend what kind of packaging machine you are? Manual packaging machine, automatic packaging machine, desktop packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine. Kebic can repair portable packaging machine


this data is from Baidu map, and the final result is subject to the latest data of Baidu map

method 1: find a professional to repair
method 2: replace it with a new one

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