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What if the suction of the body fitting packaging machine is small

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you mean vacuum packaging. The vacuum degree can be adjusted and the vacuum pumping time can also be adjusted, or whether the sealing performance of packaging materials is very good. If the packaging material is OK, try to increase the vacuum degree or vacuum pumping time.

there are two types of vacuum body fitted packaging machines: one is the vacuum body fitted packaging of food, seafood, interior and aquatic products
the second is the vacuum body fitted packaging of tools and other non food products
what they have in common is: place the articles on the tray or paperboard, and glue the heated cover film to the tray or paperboard through negative pressure to show the appearance characteristics of the articles
the difference between them is that the vacuum of food body fitting requires a high degree of vacuum, and a vacuum pump must be used to generate vacuum. At the same time, the cover film must meet the requirements of food safety; Non food vacuum body fitted packaging has less requirements on vacuum degree and cover film than food. A fan can be used to generate vacuum, and the cover film is generally thicker;

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