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What is the calculation formula of carton?

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1. Calculation formula of flat carton area

through the above introduction, the area calculation of flat carton can be expressed by the following two formulas:

area of single carton s = [(length + width) × 2+8 〕 × (width + height + 4)


double carton area s = [(length + width + 8) × 2 〕 × (width + height + 4)

2. Calculation formula of area of upper full cover and lower socket carton

cut length: l = (length + width) × 2 + connector + return wire

tile height: H = 1 /2 width + socket + height + width + return wire

area s = L × H

extended data

corrugated cardboard is made into corrugated boxes through die cutting, indentation, nailing or gluing. Corrugated box is one of the most widely used packaging products, and its consumption has always been the first of all kinds of packaging products. Including calcium plastic corrugated box

for more than half a century, corrugated boxes have gradually replaced wooden boxes and other transportation packaging containers with their superior use performance and good processing performance, and become the main force of transportation packaging. In addition to protecting commodities and facilitating storage and transportation, it also plays a role in beautifying and publicizing commodities. Corrugated box belongs to green environmental protection products, which is conducive to environmental protection, loading, unloading and transportation

its area consists of six parts: a bottom surface, a top surface and four sides

reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – Corrugated Box

the following formula hopes to be useful to you. In fact, there are many similar things on the Internet

calculation formula of paper unit price (length, width and height are in inches):

1 Specification carton unit price = (length + width + 2) x (width + height + 1) x2 /1000x cardboard unit price

2. Unit price of diaphragm (flat card) = (length + Flash) x (width + Flash) /1000x unit price of paperboard

3. Unit price of beer box and beer card = (total length + 1) x (total width + 1) /1000x unit price of paperboard

4. Unit price of slide carton (heaven and earth cover) = {(length + 2) x (height + 1)} x {(width + 2) x (height + 1)} /unit price of 1000x paperboard

go to the carton net on the road. There is a special chapter on the formula

on the way, Xiao Luo answered.

go to Baidu app to view

 the unit price formula of carton is "(length + width + 2) * (width + height + 1) × two × Square price /1000 ", material a = B +, length, width and height 1260 * 340 * 230mm respectively, 1.90 yuan per 1000 square inches

 see Table 1 for their technical indicators and requirements. The corrugated board made of type a corrugated board has good cushioning and certain elasticity, followed by type C corrugated board compared with type a corrugated board. But the stiffness and impact resistance are better than those of A-type corrugated; B-type corrugated board has large arrangement density, flat surface and high bearing pressure, which is suitable for printing; Because the E-shaped ridge is thin and dense, it shows its stiffness and strength

 the difference between container and non container mainly lies in the outer diameter, which is closely related to the type of corrugated. The inner diameter specification and manufacturing specification of the carton will be listed in detail in the following table

 thank you for your questions. I hope the above answers will help you. I wish you a happy life 

3 more

the calculation formula of carton bottom area is: length × Width

the calculation formula of carton side area is: (length + width) × two × The formula for calculating the surface area of high

carton is: 2 × long × Width + (length + width) × two × High

extended data:

cuboid (also known as cuboid) is a straight quadrangular prism with a rectangular bottom (or a straight parallel hexahedron with a rectangular upper and lower bottom). It is composed of six faces with equal area of opposite faces. Two faces (four faces may be rectangular or all six faces may be rectangular) may be square

the area of the bottom of a cuboid or cube is called the bottom area

calculation method of bottom area of cuboid and cube:

bottom area of cuboid = length x width

side area refers to:

1. The area of the side expansion of the three-dimensional figure (to distinguish it from the bottom area)

2. The size of the side surface of an object or the enclosed graphic surface is called their side area. The geometry involving the side area includes straight cylinders and prisms

the side area of cuboid and cube depends on the placement of cuboid and cube. Generally, the total area of the front, back, left and right sides of cuboid and cube is called their side area

surface area:

because the two opposite faces have equal areas, first calculate the upper and lower faces, then the front and rear faces, and finally the left and right faces [5] & nbsp

let the length, width and height of a cuboid be a, B and C respectively, then its surface area is s = (AB + BC + Ca) × 2, also equal to 2Ab + 2BC + 2ca, also equal to 2 (AB + BC + Ca)

formula: surface area of cuboid = length × wide × 2 + width × high × 2 + long × high × 2, or: surface area of the box = (length) × Width + width × Height + length × High) × 2。

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – bottom area

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – side area

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – cuboid

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