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What is the composition of a layer of film adhered to the inner surface of food bags such as instant noodle bags

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A layer of film adhered to the inner surface of instant noodle bags and other food bags is PE and polyethylene. It is a thermoplastic resin prepared by polymerization of ethylene. In industry, it also includes ethylene and small amounts α- Copolymers of olefins

polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic and feels like wax. It has excellent low temperature resistance (the minimum service temperature can reach – 100 ~ – 70 ° C), good chemical stability and can resist the erosion of most acid and alkali (not resistant to acid with oxidizing property). It is insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, with small water absorption and excellent electrical insulation

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polyethylene was synthesized by British ICI company in 1922. In 1933, British bonamen chemical industry company found that ethylene can polymerize under high pressure to form polyethylene. This law was industrialized in 1939, commonly known as the high-pressure law. In 1953, K. Ziegler of Federal Germany found that ethylene can also be polymerized under low pressure with TiCl4 Al (C2H5) 3 as catalyst

this method was put into industrial production by Hearst company of Federal Germany in 1955, commonly known as low-pressure polyethylene. In the early 1950s, Philip oil company of the United States found that ethylene could polymerize to produce high-density polyethylene under medium pressure with chromium oxide aluminosilicate glue as catalyst, and realized industrial production in 1957

in the 1960s, DuPont began to use ethylene and α- Low density polyethylene is prepared from olefins by solution method. In 1977, the United carbide company and Dow Chemical Company successively adopted the low-pressure method to produce low-density polyethylene, called linear low-density polyethylene, among which the gas-phase method of the United carbide company is the most important

linear low-density polyethylene has similar properties to low-density polyethylene, but also has some characteristics of high-density polyethylene. In addition, it has low energy consumption in production. Therefore, it has developed very rapidly and has become one of the most remarkable new synthetic resins

the outer layer is PET polyester, while the inner layer is PE polyethylene. The outer layer is printed, and the inner layer should be adhered and sealed. The outer layer can be printed without adhesion and function, while the inner layer can not be printed well with adhesion and function. The combination of the two can ensure the function of the packaging bag,

aluminum foil

moisture proof seal

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