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What is the difference between raw flour and starch?

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first of all, what is raw flour? Raw flour is starch, starch is not necessarily raw flour

raw meal is only called raw meal in terms of name. It is generally said in cantonese recipes and in dishes in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The function of raw flour is to hang paste, size and thicken during cooking. Corn starch, sweet potato starch (sweet potato powder), potato starch powder (potato powder) and so on are generally used. Yes, they are all a kind of starch and are also used as raw flour. As long as you are for basic cooking use, you can buy raw flour without distinguishing which material of raw flour


so what is starch

chemically speaking, starch is polymerized by glucose molecules, and the general chemical formula of starch is (C6H10O5) n. It is the most common storage form of carbohydrates in cells and one of the basic ways for the human body to obtain glucose. In terms of Botany, starch is the nutrient stored in plants. It is stored in seeds and tubers. The starch content of all kinds of plants is high. So why are most plants that can be made into starch seeds and rhizomes. In terms of catering industry, starch, also known as Euryale ferox powder, is mainly used as raw flour: sizing, thickening, hanging paste, etc. it can also be used as cold skin and dessert baking

generally speaking, it is very difficult to see the food packaging of “corn flour”, “cassava flour” and “potato flour”. There may be, but it is very rare

we mostly see corn starch, cassava powder, potato starch, wheat starch, sweet potato starch, mung bean starch, pea starch, etc. the name of raw materials will be added in front of the starch. Of course, although different plant starches can be pasted, starched and thickened, there are still some differences in cooking, otherwise they will not be classified

[the role of starch in cooking]

let’s popularize the hanging paste, sizing and thickening first:

hanging paste is to add dry starch (sometimes water starch) to the raw materials before putting them into the pot. It is generally a very thick layer, such as sweet and sour tenderloin and fried pork chop. A thick starch layer is formed on the food surface, and the frying process becomes golden and crisp, making the dishes charred outside and tender inside

the differences between raw meal and starch are: concept, use and composition

different concepts:

raw flour is starch, but starch is not necessarily raw flour. Raw meal is only a folk saying used to distinguish specific cooking materials, but starch refers not only to cooking materials, but also to substances polymerized by glucose molecules. It stores energy in human cells and can also be understood as carbohydrates

usage difference:

the tender meat powder or thickener powder used in cooking is the starch used. No matter which raw material starch is OK, but the raw powder is often used to tender meat because of its poor water absorption, but it is not suitable for making soup. It is easy to become thinner after cooling

composition difference:

cooking starch is divided into many kinds, such as sweet potato, mung bean, corn, wheat starch, etc. raw meal mostly refers to corn starch or potato starch, and the scope is much smaller. However, the powder used for thickening is called raw powder in the packaging bags on the market, because the range of starch is much wider, so it is easy to distinguish

to make some delicious soup, you need to use super flour. Super flour is made of sweet potato, which can also be called starch

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