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What is the difference between the European Edition of Dior perfume and the genuine products of China?

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perfume is not divided into what European version or what other edition, it is a Chinese version, as if exported to China, it will put a Chinese label to let you see clearly, others are the same. And I’ve never heard of such a big brand that can buy one get one, buy big perfume Version (which is a very small one), so you think about it!

it depends on the price. If it’s too bad, it obviously won’t be true. It’s reasonable to say that there is no difference between the European version and those sold in China. If you want to go to the airport or a higher-end Hotel duty-free, you’ll know how much it’s cheaper to be duty-free. There should also be European versions sold in those places

it’s fake to wipe and advertise the European version!! What European version and Hong Kong version are fake real goods, which are not called counter goods. Those bought in Hong Kong or abroad are called counter goods. Although they are different from the domestic packaging, they are not called so, but there is no specific name. What some sellers say about CIQ is also disturbing the line of sight

Dior perfume counters in China are produced in China, but generally China has some ingredients that are natural.


is almost no difference, and there are no factories in Dior. I don’t know much about Dior’s factories in the world, but some brands do have factories produced by different countries, such as Armani perfume, what is bought in Japan is Nissan, but the difference is not elsewhere. If there is a difference, it is not a strict brand at all. But what is the European version or what edition is generally fake? Many brands are agents in China. The goods are of origin and are labeled in Chinese. In fact, cosmetics are also the same. In fact, the so-called small domestic product is actually made in China. It depends on whether the brand exists in this country. If there is no fake product at all, if there is a case of skin care products, there are indeed differences. Perfume has almost no difference from what I bought from different brands.

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