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What is the function of the unpacking machine

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the unpacking machine can automatically open and form the cardboard and seal it with adhesive tape at the bottom. It is also called carton forming machine
according to the speed, the unpacking machine can be divided into automatic unpacking machine and high-speed unpacking machine
according to the forming method, it can be divided into vertical unpacking machine and horizontal unpacking machine

the unpacking machine is a fully automatic equipment that automatically operates the carton, folds the bottom of the carton according to a certain procedure, seals it with adhesive tape and transmits it to the packing machine through the conveyor belt. The machine has a high degree of automation and simple operation. It can automatically complete a series of work, such as box taking, forming, cover folding, back sealing and so on. It has developed rapidly in the packaging machinery industry. The workload of operators and the number of operators are reduced. At the same time, it reduces the floor space of machinery and saves the cost of purchasing other auxiliary machinery. Save labor costs and improve enterprise production efficiency. Learn more about automatic unpacking machine Shanghai trek intelligent equipment

Product Introduction

unpacking machine refers to the automatic completion of unpacking, forming and folding of lower bottom leaves. At present, the lower part of the adhesive tape is pasted, the box board folded into cardboard is opened, the bottom of the box is folded according to a certain procedure, sealed with adhesive tape and sent to the special equipment of the packing machine. Automatic carton forming machine and automatic unpacking machine are assembly line equipment for automatic unpacking of large quantities of cartons, automatic folding of lower cover and automatic sealing of lower bottom tape. All the machines are controlled by PLC + display screen, which is greatly convenient for operation. They are essential equipment for automatic large-scale production


automatic unpacking machine

product features

vertical storage paperboard mode is adopted, which can be supplemented at any time without shutdown

it is applicable to the same carton size at the same time. If the carton specification needs to be changed, it can be adjusted manually (the required time is only 1 ~ 2 minutes)

the machine adopts reasonable design, and the suction box, forming and back sealing are processed automatically at one go

the performance of the machine is precise and durable, with no vibration during operation, stable operation and long service life

the machine is controlled by PLC + man-machine interface display screen, with high performance, high speed and high efficiency

the corner length of the sealing tape at both ends of the carton is 50 ~ 70mm, which can be customized to 80 and 100mm

it can be operated in a single machine or matched with automatic packaging assembly line

equipment parameters

unpacking speed: 10-12 boxes /min

temporary storage capacity of carton: 100pcs (1000mm)

carton size: l: 200-450 & nbsp; W:150-400  H: 100-350mm

power used: 220V & nbsp; one ф 200W

necessary air pressure: 6kg /cm2

air consumption: 450nl /min

Mechanical Size: L2000 × W1900 × H1450mm

Mechanical weight: 400kg

tape size: 48-75mm

main classification: vertical and horizontal unpacking machines. Learn more about unpacking machines

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