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What is the method to consolidate the corporate image?

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continuously make image planning and publicity

the so-called organization image is the general impression formed by the public after comprehensive evaluation of the organization
organizational image includes many contents, such as organizational spirit, values, code of conduct, code of ethics, business style, management level, talent strength, economic benefits, welfare benefits, etc. organizational image is a comprehensive reflection of these elements

characteristics of organization image
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organization image has the following characteristics:
1 Integrity
the organizational image is an organic whole, and the image is the result of the joint action of many factors within the organization. Taking an enterprise as an example, the enterprise image includes:
(1) comprehensive factors such as enterprise history, social status, economic benefits and social contributions
(2) staff’s ideological, cultural, technical quality, service mode, service attitude, service quality and other personnel quality factors
(3) product quality, product structure, business policy, business characteristics, basic management, professional management, comprehensive management and other business management factors
(4) technical strength, material equipment, geographical location and other factors
these different factors form different specific images, but these specific images only form the basis of the enterprise as a whole. A complete enterprise image is the sum of the specific elements of each image element, which is a valuable asset of decisive significance to the organization. Of course, for some organizations, the image of one aspect may be more prominent, thus covering up the image of other aspects, resulting in one-sided or incomplete organization image. In fact, this is also normal, because the organization has a focus on publicity, and the public can not fully understand all the situations of the organization.
most of their impressions come from one or a few aspects of the organization they can contact, which requires the organization to take every aspect and link seriously, so as to form a good overall impression in the public’s mind
2 Subjectivity
organizational image is the public’s opinion or view of the organization, so it is a subjective thing. Because the social public itself is different, their social status, values, ways of thinking, cognitive ability, aesthetic standards, life experiences, etc. are different, and their perspective of observing the organization and the space-time dimension of examining the organization are also different. In this way, the social public’s understanding and evaluation of the same enterprise and its behavior must be different. “The public says the public is reasonable, and the woman says the woman is reasonable”. In addition, in the process of image building and communication, it is necessary to give full play to the subjective initiative of the organization staff, and penetrate the thoughts, concepts and psychological colors of the enterprise staff. Therefore, the organization image is subjective
3 Objectivity
image is an idea, a subjective consciousness of people, but the object of the idea is objective, that is to say, the material carriers on which the organizational image is formed are objective, the buildings are real, the products are real, the employees of the organization are concrete, and the various activities of the organization are real. Therefore, the organizational image, as the reflection of objective things, is not transferred by human will, and cannot be constructed on the basis of illusion
do we say that the organizational image is objective or based on a statistical law. Organizational image is the opinion or opinion of the public, which is not a single person or minority organization, but a collection of the public. Individual opinions are subjective and changeable, but the opinions of the public as a whole or the majority of the public are objective. Although most people may be misled or have wrong views for other reasons, this is also a reflection of the state of public relations. If the organization image is not understood from the whole public, it cannot be formed. Because no matter how perfect the enterprise is, there will always be opponents, and no matter how bad the PR is, there will also be people applauding
4 Relative stability
when the public has a certain understanding and view of the organization, it will generally remain for a period of time, and will not easily change or disappear. This is the relative stability of the organization image. It is not easy to leave an impression in the public’s mind, especially in today’s era of numerous products and rampant advertising; However, it is more difficult to change the image of a product or an organization in the public mind. For example, when Chinese people go abroad, they often encounter some ironic questions, such as shopping with tickets, uniform clothes and even women with small feet. On the contrary, the great changes that have taken place in China in the past 20 years have left little impression on foreigners (especially those who have not been to China). This relative stability of an organization’s image may produce two results: one is that the organization benefits from maintaining a good image, and the other is that the organization suffers from the difficulty of changing a bad image. Of course, the image is not static, but it is not easy to change an image


classification of organization image
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organization image is multi-level and multi-dimensional, so we should also grasp organization image from different perspectives
1 According to the content of the organization image, it can be divided into special image and overall image
special image is the impression left by one or a few aspects to the public, or the image formed by the organization in the hearts of some special public. For example, the good service of the enterprise has enabled some customers to form the image of the organization as a “high-quality service enterprise”, and a charitable donation of the enterprise has left the public with the image of being philanthropic and enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings. The special image is very important to the enterprise, because it is impossible for the public to fully understand the organization. Organizations often leave this special image in their hearts, and some members of the public support the organization because of its unique image in some aspects, such as fans to concerts, fans to stars, etc. Therefore, the special image is the breakthrough for the organization to improve its image
the overall image is the sum of the images formed by various image factors of an enterprise, as well as the sum of various special images, but the two are not simple sums. An extreme example is: an employee is dedicated to his work, has first-class technology, and has good interpersonal relations, which is highly praised by his leaders and colleagues; But people who don’t like him may say that he has no personality or special skills. For an organization, it should strive to pursue the unity and harmony of the overall image and the special image
2 According to the authenticity of the organization image, it can be divided into real image and virtual image
real image refers to the image that the organization leaves to the public and conforms to the actual situation of the organization, while virtual image refers to the image that the organization leaves to the public and does not conform to the actual situation of the enterprise. There are many reasons for the formation of virtual image, including the distortion in the process of information dissemination and the subjectivity and bias of public evaluation. It should be noted that the real image is not necessarily a good image, and the virtual image is not necessarily equal to a bad image. For example, a bad image formed in the public when an enterprise ope
rates fake and shoddy products is exposed is a real image, while the public model image of a liar before being exposed is often a virtual image. Some enterprises have also formed a good image in the superior departments (officials) through false statistics, but this is certainly virtual. For enterprises, of course, they should pursue a true and good image and avoid false and bad images
3 According to the visibility of organizational image, it can be divided into tangible image and intangible image
tangible image refers to those organizational objects that can be directly felt through the public’s sensory organs, including product image (such as product quality and performance, appearance, packaging, trademark, price, etc.), building image, employee’s mental outlook, and entity image (such as market image, technical image, social image, etc.). It is through the organization’s business style, business results Economic benefits, social contributions and other image factors. Intangible images are the conceptual images formed through the public’s abstract thinking and logical thinking. Although these images are invisible, they may be closer to the essence of the corporate image and are the highest level of the corporate image
for an enterprise, this intangible image includes its business purpose, policy, philosophy, values, spirit, reputation, style and culture. These intangible images are often more valuable than tangible images. For example, for McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Sony, Rolls Royce and other enterprises, their corporate reputation and other intangible assets are much more important than those machinery, equipment and plants
in addition, the organizational image can be divided into actual image and expected image according to the reality of the image

shaping the organizational image
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how can we create a good organizational image? Generally speaking, to create a good organizational image, an organization should do a good job in the following aspects:
1 Eliminate misunderstandings in the shaping of organizational image and establish a correct view of organizational image
although the importance of organizational image has been recognized by more and more organizational leaders, there are still some misunderstandings about organizational image in practice
1) the useless theory of the organizational image
the organizational image is a form of putting on airs and figures, but it is useless to look at it. I have never heard of or shaped the organizational image before, and I still succeed? Market competition is close combat, and time is money. The market will not allow you to create a good image calmly and then participate in the competition

2) the omnipotence theory of organizational image; As long as the organizational image strategy is introduced, the organization will be as famous as Coca Cola, as rich as Microsoft, and as potential as Tsinghua Tongfang
3) the organizational image tends to be similar.
the organizational concept design and behavior design are similar to each other, without the characteristics and personality of the organization. For example, when designing enterprise spirit for enterprises, most enterprises choose words such as “unity, innovation, realism, dedication and civilization” to form a highly convergent enterprise spirit
4) blindness of the organization image
the organization image should be the centralized and comprehensive reflection of the organization’s long-term business philosophy, business purpose and other aspects, and should be typical, representative and comprehensive. However, many organizations neither understand the history and development process of the organization nor conduct research on the public in the process of shaping the image. Therefore, such an organizational image is often very blind and difficult to be recognized by the public
in view of the above misunderstandings in the process of shaping the organization image, the organization must establish a correct view of the organization image and strive to avoid or eliminate incorrect views on the organization image. We should neither despise the role of the organization image nor elevate it artificially because of its role. At the same time, we should pay attention to the characteristics, pertinence and representativeness in the design and implementation of the organization image. Only in this way can we really do a good job in shaping the organization image
2 Capture the favorable opportunity of organization image building to achieve twice the result with half the effort
the ways and methods of organization image building will vary in different periods. If you can skillfully grasp the opportunity and make the best use of the situation, you can get twice the result with half the effort
1) when the new organization was founded
when the new organization was founded and opened, it failed to establish extensive contacts with all walks of life, and its popularity was not high. At this time, if the organization can establish the correct business philosophy, perfect organization and employee behavior norms, set up a unique visual identification system, and the best communication methods and media, it will

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