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What is the package of biscuits

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1. Plastic film sealed packaging of biscuits
plastic film sealed packaging of biscuits is mainly embodied by plastic materials. Due to the irreplaceable advantages of plastic packaging materials in terms of performance, price and freight transportation, more and more traditional packaging materials are replaced by plastic packaging. Plastic film is a good moisture-proof packaging material, which is most used in biscuit packaging, mainly in two forms: one is in bulk, that is, the measured biscuits are poured into the bag together, and then sealed by heat sealing; The other is wrapping, that is, a certain amount of biscuits, generally about 50-100g, are arranged neatly, and then wrapped and sealed with film. Characteristics of plastic packaging: ① good sealing and barrier of plastic, light plastic, easy to form, simple packaging and convenient sales. This is the advantage of plastic packaging design. ② Disadvantages of plastic packaging design: the permeability coefficient of oxygen and carbon monoxide is large, which will lead to chemical reaction between the packaged object and the packaging. Other packaged objects will also deteriorate the taste due to oxidation, and the aging of plastic products will also affect the appearance quality, not beautiful and practical, and pollute the environment. The biggest disadvantage is that it pollutes the environment and is not easy to recycle.
2. Wax paper wrapping of biscuits
wax paper wrapping is a simple form of biscuit packaging. As long as the biscuits are arranged neatly after measurement, they are wrapped and sealed with wax paper. This method is shading, moisture-proof and low cost.
3. Carton packaging of biscuits
carton packaging is the main form of biscuit packaging, including square, rectangular, circular, special-shaped and other forms. Packaging materials are mostly white board paper, offset paper, etc. When packing in cartons, the biscuits shall be wrapped in film first, and the outside of the box shall be wrapped in wax paper or film. Paper is the cheapest, and unlike plastic, which is not easy to dissolve and combined printing, it is not as fragile as glass, nor as heavy as metal, which is easy to carry. In addition, paper products are easy to decay. They can not only recycle recycled paper or be used as plant fertilizer printing materials, but also reduce air pollution and purify the environment. Biscuits are packaged with paper materials, with good packaging strength, certain compression resistance, elegant appearance, strong merchantability, good moisture resistance and shading, and good printing adaptability and adhesion.
4. Tin packaging of biscuits
tin packaging is a tin packaging of biscuits made of color printed tinplate. There are many kinds of iron ears, such as square, rectangular, cylindrical, oval, special-shaped and so on. When packaging, plastic is processed into various trough shaped film trays, which are light and beautiful, and the biscuits are arranged orderly and not easy to be broken. This kind of packaging has the best sealing performance, high packaging strength, bright and generous appearance, excellent shading and durability, but it needs a lot of space to store empty cans. Therefore, cans and boxes are only used for large packaging or expensive varieties and all kinds of gift packaging)

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