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What is the production technology of pearl cotton egg tray

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the production process of pearl cotton egg tray is as follows:
1. Pearl cotton automatic stamping and waste disposal integrated machine + EPE horizontal and vertical slitting machine + EPE pearl cotton non adhesive machine
2. EPE punch + EPE waste disposal machine + pearl cotton horizontal and vertical slitting machine + EPE non adhesive machine
Zhejiang Chuangyi Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province. Its main products are EVA lining, EVA sheet, pearl cotton sheet, pearl cotton lining, sponge lining, EVA integrated forming lining Pearl cotton egg tray, etc

Pearl cotton egg tray, in addition to the wood and steel sheets required for external cutting die, uses raw materials in the process of survival and processing

the machine includes vertical cutting machine, hot melt glue machine and cotton pressing machine. The master adjusts the vertical cutting machine to divide the plate into small pieces and shape

after the workers discharge the waste, there is no need to paste the bottom, and the products enter the packaging operation after quality inspection


if there is a product pasted on the bottom, go to the glue machine to completely glue the product and then paste it to form

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