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What is the relationship between packaging design and printing?

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the relationship between packaging design and printing is:
many goods pay great attention to packaging, so printing is indispensable for beautiful packaging. The higher the requirements for packaging, the higher the printing technology and printing effect will be required
although people pay great attention to the quality of goods when they go to consumption, when selecting, they first pay attention to the appearance of goods, and goods with exquisite design will first enter the sight of consumers. Therefore, packaging can improve the self value of goods and increase the sales volume of goods
only printing designers with strong market concept, more knowledge of market economy and detached innovation consciousness can adapt to the continuous change of people’s consumption concept in modern society. Packaging design can be said to be a discipline with more comprehensive knowledge. Only by properly integrating relevant knowledge, the effect of packaging will be more perfect. Among all the knowledge used, printing technology plays an important role.

in today’s increasingly serious phenomenon of commodity homogenization, we always hope to use a method to show the original similar commodities in a differentiated form in front of customers. Undoubtedly, the high sensory evaluation of eye-catching packaging design formed by its outstanding visual recognition will help our products stand out from many competitive products, and make consumers pay attention, pause, observe, appreciate and produce purchase behavior. This is also the most ideal packaging design pursued by every business
therefore, all kinds of design schemes proposed by designers are always denied by front-line marketing personnel, but these front-line marketing personnel are difficult to put forward clear concepts for the most tempting commodity packaging, or provide more creative imagination outline, but they always bring back one or two packages that they think are provocative to sales. In the fancy product packaging, people are always confused. When they don’t know what the manufacturer is selling, how can they design the packaging that moves customers
thinking about packaging
the role of packaging
before discussing the topic of FMCG packaging, it is necessary for us to think about the role of packaging. Only by understanding the real role of packaging for products and taking into account these requirements in specific design, can we design a conquering FMCG packaging
first of all, packaging gives products a certain shape. In many cases, products without form are difficult to display or display, such as beverages, cigarettes and other products. The display cost without packaging is large, and it can not achieve the expected effect
secondly, packaging has a certain protective effect on product quality. For example, the packaging of “Qiaqia” cantaloupe seeds has airtight peritoneum, so that the unique sales proposition of “Qiaqia” and “Baizhu Kouxiang” can be preserved. Otherwise, the “flavor” has changed. What do consumers love you
thirdly, packaging can distinguish products from competitors. Taking potato chips as an example, “Pinke” potato chips are easily different from those packaged in other plastic bags because they are packaged in paper barrels, which is easy for consumers to identify
in addition, packaging should also serve as a consumer instruction. The special selling points of many products determine that their consumption patterns are different. At this time, there must be enough information in the packaging design to let consumers know its particularity, otherwise it will lead to poor communication of product information
finally, packaging makes the product portable. Taking beverages as an example, from bulk to glassware, to today’s PTT bottles, the most important thing is to consider the “mobility” of consumption. In addition, the difference in capacity between bottled drinks and paper wrapped drinks is mainly due to the mobility of consumers
after understanding the basic function of packaging and comparing the product packaging around you, it is not difficult to find the fact that the packaging design of many FMCG basically only reflects one or two functions of packaging, and there is no possibility to impress consumers at all
common disadvantages of packaging design
in a wide range of packaging, customers always choose only the products they like. In addition to the popularity and satisfaction of the products themselves, the voice of packaging design is affecting consumers’ purchase decisions. With the main function of the above packaging, the packaging will be safe from worry? In fact, some disadvantages in packaging design often make customers who originally picked up products from the shelf put down their hands and choose other similar products. At this time, we must know where the disadvantages of packaging are
in the packaging of FMCG, the common design disadvantages are as follows:
the packaging does not highlight the sales proposition of the product
the product can meet the demands and ownership of consumers through the packaging design. When the packaging design of a product lacks theme, it is easy to lose to the themed competitive products, which is that the sales proposition of the product is restrained. When consumers choose bagged happy candy, will they choose a brand with festive words and red patterns or a general brand with only words at the same price? The result is self-evident
the packaging design of some enterprises is undertaken by the printing factory, and the design capacity of the printing factory is often uneven. The design of some small printing factories is usually surprising. If Mingming designs the packaging of edible plum, but prints the pattern of flowers and plants on the bag, consumers will feel inexplicable at this time. After careful observation, they usually give up buying because of questioning the product level
the packaging is flashy
in order to achieve the purpose of differentiation, some products are often used to taking “shortcuts”, that is, they do not form differences through the product itself, but through the “luxury route” of packaging, but the gains are often not worth the losses. For example, the packaging of a brand of eggs looks like a luxury. Some consumers joked that they were reluctant to eat it and throw away the box. As a result, they didn’t buy it at all. It can be seen that the excessive luxury of packaging, if it lacks the support of quality products, will often be regarded as a gimmick, which will eventually end up in a flashy and cheerless result
the packaging is not in line with the behavior habits
the target consumers of a domestic brand of functional drinks are people who exercise a lot, but their packaging is glass bottles. There is a problem here. Glass itself is fragile and is in the habit of protecting your body. The functional sports drink in glass bottle is obviously very uncomfortable. In addition, some field snack foods often ignore a problem in packaging design, that is, the packaging is too heavy. Many products lose more market opportunities due to heavy weight or inconvenient to carry, or the packaging is easy to deform. These are the results of ignoring behavior habits
packaging is incompatible with the trend
although today’s packaging is an enterprise behavior, there is a trend phenomenon. For example, the quiet popularity of environmental protection packaging can not be ignored. Environmentally friendly packaging most directly reflects the degree of concern of enterprises to consumers. Such enterprises are easy to be recognized by consumers. For example, direct selling Amway products basically adopt environmentally friendly recycled packaging. Such packaging can not only protect the ecological environment, but also protect the nature of products to the greatest extent
when the packaging design avoid
s defects and covers its general functions, our packaging will go all the way from now on? The answer is No. what we need is packaging that can impress consumers. How can we get the design inspiration for designing such packaging
What do you rely on to impress consumers
inspiration comes from life
good packaging design should be spiritual, and it can speak by itself; Good packaging comes from life. It may be the trace of a certain detail of life. The spirituality of packaging means that packaging can make the connotation of products ready to come out, which can best reflect the characteristics of products that impress consumers. There is a kind of juice packaging called “wild fruit life” on the market, which is very attractive, but what attracts people at the beginning is the name of this kind of juice. When you get the juice in your hand, you will be moved by a pattern. That is the scene of two villains beating wild fruit with bamboo poles. One of the boys is waving a pole to beat wild fruit, and a girl is holding a cloth bag at the bottom. Many consumers, especially those who have lived in rural areas, must have a deep memory of this scene. Although they can’t remember what wild fruits they hit, they still have a deep memory of the scene. They hope to aftertaste the happiness and harvest. Even consumers who have not had these experiences will begin to look forward to that kind of life because of the vividness of the pattern. This is the influence of a packaging design from life
inspiration comes from history
there are many goods that have a lot of cultural heritage. However, due to the subsequent designers’ lack of understanding of the product’s history and humanistic connotation, the designed packaging often does not show the taste of the product. Once a product can restore its historical original appearance, it will often convince consumers, “green in fog” famous tea is a good example. Before restoring this historical famous tea, its packaging designer also consulted a large number of historical data of tea. Although it was not supported by pictures, combined with various information, the designer concluded that the “fog green” in history was packaged in porcelain cans. After analyzing the type of porcelain pot at that time, the designer designed the “fog green” packaging porcelain pot now used. Later, the Gothenburg shipwreck in Sweden was salvaged. The packaging of the “fog green” soaked in seawater for more than 100 years was very close to that designed by the designer! This kind of packaging close to the original appearance of history highlights the taste of this tea and has attracted the attention and favor of consumers
inspiration comes from emotion
real good packaging contains emotional appeal. The sale of goods without emotional appeal is a very low-level “Hawking”, which is nonsense to impress consumers. There is a brand of chocolate on the market. Its design can always move people. The fiery red rose allows you to give it to your favorite person, and the snow-white matching with the house shape allows you to give it to your most cherished family…
chocolate with rich emotional appeal is no longer just the embodiment of sweetness. Different packaging designs may turn it into angels, Santa Claus and friendship, Such packaging will always move consumers and even forget its expensive price
inspiration comes from details
some people say that today is an era of focus marketing, and consumers need businesses to observe, understand and satisfy them from details. The same is true of packaging. A packaging that moves consumers should reflect the manufacturer’s attention to the details related to consumers
there is a little fruit milk in Zhejiang Province. It has introduced a rotating cover, which has successfully solved the problem of secondary pollution when using straw to quote fruit milk. Children are a highly valued group, and children are the most “careless” consumers. They drink with straws in their dirty hands

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