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What is the relationship between packaging design, plate making and printing?

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the relationship between packaging design and printing is:
many goods pay great attention to packaging, so printing is indispensable for beautiful packaging. The higher the requirements for packaging, the higher the printing technology and printing effect will be required
although people pay great attention to the quality of goods when they go to consumption, when selecting, they first pay attention to the appearance of goods, and goods with exquisite design will first enter the sight of consumers. Therefore, packaging can improve the self value of goods and increase the sales volume of goods
only printing designers with strong market concept, more knowledge of market economy and detached innovation consciousness can adapt to the continuous change of people’s consumption concept in modern society. Packaging design can be said to be a discipline with more comprehensive knowledge. Only by properly integrating relevant knowledge, the effect of packaging will be more perfect. Among all the knowledge used, printing technology plays an important role
plate making () is a general term for copying an original into a printing plate. There are a series of plate making methods, such as arranging lead movable type into movable type plate, beating movable type plate into paper form, casting in situ into reproduction relief plate, obtaining negative film by photographing or electronic color separation, and drying relief plate, lithography plate and gravure plate with negative film. In plate making, the factors affecting the quality of printing plate are the most, mainly including the concentration of developer, development temperature and development time, the circulation and stirring of developer, the fatigue decline of developer and so on.

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