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What is the technical standard of packaging industry

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the above brothers said a lot, but I won’t say it. What I just want to tell you is that the development of the packaging industry in the domestic market is not very planned at present, and there are many packaging industries below that can’t finish tens of thousands of words

you can find these materials by going directly to China Packaging woven bag network and directly search China container bag Association on Baidu

packaging design has entered the era of computerization, and a design method with the help of computers and various information systems suitable for rapid renewal has emerged. Today’s designers must have the basic skills of packaging design. More importantly, they can think, appreciate and understand creativity. Computer technology is based on the above skills. At the same time, the packaging designer must also know the relevant packaging manufacturing technology, how to select materials, and how to use modern packaging manufacturing equipment, such as prepress process equipment, post press processing equipment, etc
computers and packaging software are the main hardware of packaging design in the future. The appreciation ability of designers is the key to the success or failure of packaging design
in order to obtain the best order within a certain range and formulate common and reusable rules for actual or potential problems, packaging activities are called standardization. Packaging standardization is the whole process activity of formulating and implementing packaging standards
at present, China’s product packaging standards mainly include building materials, machinery, electricians, light industry, medical machinery, instruments and meters, Chinese and Western medicine, food, agriculture, livestock and aquatic products, posts and telecommunications, military industry and more than 500 in 14 categories. Packaging standard is a standard formulated with packaging as the object
packaging standards include the following categories
1. Basic packaging standards. It mainly includes packaging terms, packaging dimensions, packaging marks, basic packaging tests and packaging management standards
2. Packaging material standard. Including the standards and test methods of various packaging materials
3. Packaging container standard. Including standards for various types of containers and container test methods
4. Packaging technical standards. Including special packaging technology, special packaging machinery, anti-virus packaging technology and methods, anti rust packaging and other standards
5. Product packaging standards
6. Relevant standards. It mainly refers to the standards closely related to packaging, such as container technical conditions, dimensions, pallet technical conditions, dimensions, forklift specifications, etc
with the rapid development of science and technology, commodity packaging has become an important means to promote sales and enhance competitiveness. Many new technologies, processes and ideas have been applied to packaging design, packaging technology, packaging equipment, new packaging materials, new packaging industry and so on

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