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What kind of packaging design can shorten the distance between Baijiu packaging and consumers?

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the essence of the era of popular wine is the era of consumers spending out of their own pocket. Then, simple, affordable and simple packaging will become the mainstream. Luxury, tall and high-grade packaging will only appear in ultra-high-end products, and the market share will not be too large consumer consumption is Baijiu, which is product, not packaging. If too luxurious packaging does not match the price of the product, it will only increase consumers’ doubts and worry about the quality of the product, resulting in a lack of consumer trust. Therefore, an outer packaging that matches the sales price of the product is very important. Luxury products have a market in any era. The reason for luxury is that the quantity of products is small and the price is high and Chinese traditional culture blend together. No matter how; In the past, Chinese Baijiu always made changes in the situation and firmly occupied the important position of consumers’ emotional expression. But now the younger consumers, Baijiu is facing new challenges. What we are doing now is how to innovate to get close to more young consumers
the packaging with complete visual system will dominate the market in the future competition. The internal and external packaging and other auxiliary materials need to be consistent in visual tonality, so as to focus on a brand value core; Brand has multiple dimensions of contact with consumers. How to maintain the consistency of brand tone? Undoubtedly, it is necessary to carry out systematic thinking and systematic design and management of multiple contact points. Without such a brand visual management system, the result is that the effects presented by your brand communication carrier are different points, which can not be connected into a line to reach a face
in the future, the packaging upgrading cycle will be longer, and the brand image will be established through the long-term dissemination of an inherent packaging system. In the future, packaging vision to express emotional demands will become a direction. Packaging design that can make emotional communication with consumers can move people’s hearts and deeply touch consumers
the ultimate goal of the brand is to create beauty and make the world a better place. The design is the way to create beauty. I hope China’s future Baijiu packaging design can create more beautiful, and can produce more brands that affect the public’s aesthetic, and then really go to the future.

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