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What machines are needed to make instant noodles

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there are also dough dryer, conveying instrument, packaging instrument, etc

1. Dough mixer 2 Molding host 3. Cooking machine 4 Cutter 5 Electric fryer /steam fryer 6 coolant

I. necessary production equipment automatic or semi-automatic powder mixing equipment (powder mixer, dough mixer, etc.)
2. Forming equipment (calender, etc.)
2. Cooking equipment (cooking machine, frying equipment or hot air drying equipment, etc.)
3. Automatic or semi-automatic packaging equipment packaging machine
II. Necessary delivery inspection equipment:
(I) analytical balance (0.1mg)
(II) drying oven
(III) constant temperature water bath
(IV) spectrophotometer
(V) sterilization pot
(VI) sterile room or super clean workbench
(VII) microbial incubator
(VIII) biological microscope.

and noodle cutter, fryer, packaging machine


you lied to LZ on the first floor? What about corrosion prevention?

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