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What material is generally used to print beer labels

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at present, the main materials used to make wine labels are as follows
(1) aluminum foil paper has many alcohol products. In order to make the label show a metal texture, aluminum foil paper is often used to print the label. At present, the more common aluminum foil paper is gold and silver
(2) coated paper and mirror coated paper not only use aluminum foil paper, but also many alcohol products use coated paper or mirror coated paper (also known as high gloss paper or glass paperboard) to make labels
(3}bopp film the chemical name of PP material is polypropylene, which is generally used as the PP material of label surface material. In order to ensure the accuracy of overprint in the printing process, most of them have to undergo biaxial tensile treatment before leaving the factory, so they are often called BOPP.

generally speaking, according to the industry practice, labels generally use 80g single-sided coated paper, which is cheap and easy to paste on the bottle. If it is a promotional page, 128G coated paper is the best.

it depends on what effect your label wants to achieve, fresh, bright, modern or classical. According to the desired effect, aluminum foil paper, coated paper and writing paper are generally used
for a deeper understanding, there are fully transparent BOPP surface materials, special adhesives for labels, fully transparent PET backing paper, etc
if you want to print beer labels, but you don’t know much about the printing industry, professional printing manufacturers will provide you with sample reference, opinions and experience. After the material and printing requirements are determined, they will quote you a reasonable price.

labels are usually printed on coated paper


it depends on your specific requirements, whether it can be pasted or what. If it’s 250g copper plate, it’s almost the same

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