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What plastics can be used for food packaging

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What plastics are used for food packaging? Can PVC still be used in food packaging?

plastic packaging has a short history, but it has the characteristics of simple processing, beautiful appearance and low price, so it has developed rapidly. Since the synthetic fiber resin materials were used in the food packaging industry in the early 20th century, PVC, polystyrene, polyamide, polyvinylidene chloride, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene and their composite materials with paper and aluminum foil have emerged one after another. These materials are gradually widely used in flexible packaging plastic bags and semi-rigid, rigid plastic cups, bottles and shallow plates. At present, plastic containers account for 15 ~ 20% of the total packaging containers in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan
plastic containers are made of synthetic resin and have a wide variety, mainly including the following three types. ① Single layer plastic film bag: common plastic varieties include high-pressure polyethylene (i.e. low-density polyethylene), low-pressure polyethylene (i.e. high-density polyethylene), polypropylene, polyvinylidene chloride, etc
② composite film bag: it is made of different kinds of plastic film or laminated with paper, aluminum foil, etc. According to the application and requirements, it can be made into two-layer, three-layer or multi-layer composite film bags. Such as polyethylene polyester, cellophane polyvinylidene chloride, polyethylene paper, polyester aluminum foil polyolefin, polyethylene aluminum foil paper polyethylene polyamide and other film bags
③ plastic containers such as plastic bottles, cups and plates made of single-layer or composite materials by blow molding, vacuum pumping, extrusion, injection and other molding methods: suitable for the packaging of a variety of beverages, fast food and frozen food

pp: it is a high polymer. The monomer is propylene CH2 = ch-ch3. Polypropylene is obtained through addition polymerization. The chemical formula can be expressed as (C3H6) n, and the structural formula can be expressed as [- ch2-ch (CH3) -] n.
PE =, polyethylene is the most simple polymer organic compound. The polymer material most widely used in PE polyethylene in the world today is polymerized from ethylene. It can be divided into high-density polyethylene and Medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene
PET: the chemical formula of polyethylene terephthalate is -[och2-]- English Name:, referred to as pet, which is a high polymer and comes from the dehydration condensation reaction of ethylene terephthalate. Ethylene terephthalate is obtained by esterification of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.

currently, PP, PE, pet and other plastics are commonly used for food packaging. PVC is gradually eliminated because it contains plasticizers


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