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What should be paid attention to in the operation of vacuum packaging machine

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keep the work area clean. Messy areas and worktables are unsafe and may cause accidents
do not use it in a wet or rainproof workshop, and do not expose the vacuum packaging machine to the rain; Do not use in high temperature or explosive environment to prevent fire or explosion. Keep good lighting in the working area
let the vacuum packaging machine work safely within its designed performance range, and do not force the machine or additional devices to work
do not maintain the machine when the vacuum packaging machine is working. The machine should be properly maintained, such as lubrication and adjustment. However, maintenance cannot be carried out when the machine is charged or running
the vacuum packaging machine should be powered off for maintenance. Use the correct tools for equipment maintenance. Before maintenance, replacement of accessories, or assembly and reinstallation of the motor, the power supply of the machine must be cut off from the external main power supply.

notes are as follows:
1. The vacuum pump is the core, and pay attention to quality and brand
as the core of the vacuum packaging machine, the vacuum pump should be carefully selected. Whether large or small vacuum packaging machine pump, the first concern is its price. In addition, we should also pay attention to the vacuum pumping capacity of the vacuum pump, which is generally expressed in cubic meters /hour, but the larger the better, as long as it matches the working speed of the whole machine
2. Purchase regular manufacturers with guaranteed quality
the control principle of automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines is to use electrical components for control. Only the electronic components of regular manufacturers can ensure durability, reliability and safety, and vulnerable parts can be easily purchased. Otherwise, it is easy to age and may often have problems. The electrical controllers of vacuum packaging machines, packaging machines, filling machines and three-dimensional packaging machines produced by regular manufacturers all quote world-famous brand technology, with guaranteed quality and reliability
3. Polish your eyes to see the true and false stainless steel materials
generally, normal vacuum packaging machine manufacturers choose real stainless steel
4. Select a powerful packaging machine supplier
to verify the manufacturer’s technical ability and after-sales service ability. Generally, we can have a general understanding through telephone communication and visiting the manufacturer’s website. No product is perfect. Only manufacturers with timely and thoughtful after-sales service will not bring trouble to users or affect production.

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