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What should we pay attention to in the design of takeout packaging?

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the first point to pay attention to in the packaging design of restaurant takeout: strong perception
what is strong perception? Your takeout bag. Must have the attribute of publicity. You should let customers know what you do and how you do it? Why did you do that? How far have you achieved? When you solve such a problem, your customers will feel it, and so will the customers who see your packaging bag
the second point to pay attention to in the packaging design of restaurant takeout: attracting eyeballs
what is attracting eyeballs? It’s your takeout bag. The moment the customer puts it on the table and then on the desk, there is an amazing feeling. Of course, the takeout packaging here does not refer to a simple plastic bag, but also the packaging box inside. Did you design an action before opening your packing box. A link, does it make customers feel fun and interesting
finally, yipinweike needs to remind you that for takeout products, the packaging design always plays a role in helping marketing, and the quality of dishes is the foundation for a restaurant to win the trust of users.

to determine the key point, we should compare and select the relevant data of goods, consumption and sales. The basic point of selection is to improve sales. The key items are listed below for reference
the trademark image and brand meaning of the commodity
the function, utility and texture attributes of the commodity
the origin background and local factors of the commodity
land sale background and consumption object of the commodity
the difference between this product and current products
status of similar packaging design of the commodity
the common characteristics of the product. It may take a long time of work experience! Shenzhen Juncai can design, print and produce one-stop, which is professional and excellent. If you need help…

after research, the teacher in spoon class believes that the following points should be paid attention to in takeout packaging,
1 Undertake the basic experience function, because it is necessary to select disposable lunch boxes that meet the requirements of food safety, prevent the leakage of dishes and keep the dishes warm
2. Takeout packaging needs to explain information to form brand effect
3. Use details to give users a clean and practical dining experience
4. On the premise of controlling the cost and the assembly speed of dishes, reasonably select the packaging box
among them, the assembly speed of dishes must also be considered. In the actual operation process, some restaurants pursue the beauty of packaging too much and ignore the complexity of packaging, resulting in a significant increase in the labor packaging cost during the peak period, which is not worth the loss.

1. Functionality, high efficiency and brand (also including the concept of environmental protection)
spoon class believes that the takeout packaging should first meet the most basic needs, sealed, insulated, easy to carry and not easy to deform
good takeout packaging also improves the efficiency of taking out meals. Employees can quickly pack soup, rice and dishes into bags, and the process is smooth
in addition, good takeout packaging can also have the attribute of brand communication and reflect the brand culture
2. Fast food takeout packaging cost line: 20% – 25%
the proportion of packaging cost, mainly the unit price of visitors
for general Chinese food or night snack categories, if the customer unit price is more than 70 yuan, the packaging cost shall be controlled within 5%. For fast food or some products, a product costs four or five yuan, or the customer unit price is twenty or thirty yuan, and the packaging cost is 20% – 25%
consumers are used to paying for the packaging cost of takeout. But the more unreasonable place is that if you only order fast food for more than ten yuan, the packaging fee is two or three yuan. When the proportion is too high and exceeds 25%, users can clearly perceive that it is “not cost-effective”
3. Whether the packaging is excessive depends on whether it is functional and can improve the user experience
whether the packaging is excessive is perceived by everyone, and whether there are specific criteria for judgment
the key is functionality. As long as the things that are useful and useful to users and the packaging that can improve the user experience are not excessive packaging. If the material is only used to show the brand attribute, it is of little use, it belongs to over packaging
4. First do a good job in the fundamentals, then talk about the brand attribute
take away packaging, first ensure the integrity of the packaging, reasonable temperature and quality, and then consider the brand appeal and environmental protection innovation
at the moment when beauty is king, takeout packaging is the first impression of users, and then they can feel the product. As a brand carrier, takeout packaging can reflect the brand’s ultimate pursuit of product taste and products, as well as its care and intention for users.


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