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What should we pay attention to when doing quality inspection in the printing factory?

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I now go to a printing factory to do quality inspection, but I have no experience and ask for expert advice

1. Be responsible for the publicity and education of “quality is life” for the employees of the whole plant, supervise and inspect the quality standards, conduct random inspection of product quality, and establish and improve various assessment, statistics and analysis work
2. Strictly implement the “self inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection” system to deal with quality problems in the production process. Defective products must be registered and signed by the quality inspector before leaving the workshop, so as to prevent waste products from flowing into the next process. In case of waste products, assist the workshop to find out the causes, take improvement measures, and do a good job in accident registration, treatment and analysis
3. Regularly analyze, study and solve the quality problems of each process, and pay attention to the implementation of good and bad work
4. Organize various quality competitions, evaluate and compare work, and summarize relevant quality data and materials
5. Be responsible for the review before printing and binding, spot check the “standard sample” of offset books and periodicals, and spot check the quality of finished binding products
6. Be responsible for the management and inspection of process regulations.

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