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What type of shop do you usually buy small vacuum machines in

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small vacuum machines belong to the category of household appliances. They are generally available in household appliance stores, but they are not widely available at present. They are purchased online

the price of common household small vacuum machines is not very high. You can start with 200-500. The bag may need a textured bag to vacuum. Online shopping or TV shopping can be found. Of course, there are physical stores. It depends on your personal preferences. There are many manufacturers in various regions

operation steps of using vacuum machine to complete food packaging:


turn on the power

put the food to be vacuumized into the bag, put the bag mouth into the vacuum chamber

the food shall not exceed three-quarters of the bag, and smooth the bag mouth

4 Close the cover

5 Lock the latch

6 Select “dry matter”

7. Click “vacuum sealing”

8. Automatically jump to “sealing”

9. Open the knob latch

10. Open the cover and complete

small household and commercial vacuum machines can seal chicken feet, duck necks, sausages, bacon, etc. see the store address in my space

official flagship.

Xuchang sells small vacuum machines

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