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What’s the difference between a pickled mustard with a price of 800 yuan and a pickled mustard with a price of two yuan?

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China Business Daily reported on June 27 that according to the research report recently released by CITIC, Fuling mustard will launch a high-end mustard product to the market this year, with a price of up to 2000 yuan /bag. It is reported that this pickled mustard adopts the ancient method of Pakistan, and is naturally dehydrated by the river wind in February. After that, it is sealed with river sand and put into the bottom of the Wujiang River for natural brewing. It takes 8 years to go on the market in the whole process, and it is handmade

as for pickled mustard, I’m used to seeing it for 50 cents a package. When I first heard it for 2000 yuan a package, I can’t believe it’s true, but in this world, as Li Ning said, everything is possible in China. This is true. The pickled mustard of 2000 yuan is said to be of unique technology and special packaging configuration, so it is not worth much. It is said that the pickled mustard with 2000 yuan per bag has been soaked in the bottom of Wujiang River for eight years. How many preservatives must be added to pickled mustard for eight years to eat

whether it’s 50 cents a bag or 2000 yuan a bag, it’s just a mustard after all. It can’t become abalone sea cucumber . No matter how exquisite it is and how high the price is, it can only be a mustard! It costs 2000 yuan to eat pickled mustard. It’s either that I haven’t eaten pickled mustard in my life. It’s easy to catch up in this life, or that the upstart learns from Shi Chong to boast about his wealth. Another possibility is that I don’t buy what I eat and don’t eat what I buy. They are all used to treat guests, give gifts and ask for help. The last one is bought with public funds


according to the official of Fuling mustard group, the big date of this dish they produce every year is packed into more than 5000 boxes, 600 grams per box, and the price is 2000 yuan, which is far from enough. They also launched other varieties ranging from 200 yuan to 1000 yuan per box. Zhao Ping said that only the gift pickled mustard, the group’s annual sales of more than 10 million yuan

the existence is reasonable. The production of food products with sky high prices can be in short supply, indicating that the market has this demand

the package also looks exquisite. It is said that this kind of pickled mustard is made after five years of aloes. The taste is definitely not ordinary. It is worth mentioning that this kind of pickled mustard is also packaged separately. Unlike ordinary pickled mustard, it is wrapped into one package. The pickled mustard body and the squeezed heart will be separated into two packages.

two yuan pickles and 800 yuan pickled mustard have different tastes and different hype.

it’s not difficult for people on the mainland to eat pickled vegetables for two yuan. Now our economic level is developing very rapidly. It’s too easy to eat this,

I don’t think the 800 fast is any different from the two yuan one, but it’s a little expensive.

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