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Which company has mechanical equipment for food packaging

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qcrobot packaging, a new machine vision product suitable for packaging, is everywhere. According to statistics, there are no less than 8 million secondary packaging enterprises in China. These enterprises are distributed in various regions and industries, among which pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries use packaging the most frequently. Due to the huge consumer groups, the output of these industries is very amazing. With the continuous improvement of consumers’ quality requirements and the rapid development of production line automation, the traditional manual detection method is gradually replaced by machine vision detection
machine vision has been produced for more than 30 years. With the development of electronic technology and chip technology, the function of machine vision products is becoming more and more powerful and accepted by people. In addition to finished product inspection, machine vision has established more and more successful applications in all links of product quality control and automatic production. In food and beverage safety production, machine vision is used to record the serial number, defect degree, appearance integrity and other information in the production process, which can help us establish a traceable quality management system; In the process of pharmaceutical production, machine vision is used to check the integrity and integrity of the tablets in the blister, and it is also used in the links that need to control the liquid level of the drugs; In the logistics sorting system, machine vision can easily identify whether there are defects in the outer packaging, and identify the position and contour of the label to help distinguish different types of items
in the process of automation and quality monitoring, machine vision frees people from highly repetitive work and performs inspection and monitoring tasks quickly and reliably. Qcrobot officially launched a new machine vision product especially suitable for production site in 2008. Compact structure, integrating light source, camera, image processing and Ethernet output, it can meet the real-time inspection of the target in the case of jitter and rotation, and provides a simple and reliable industrial vision scheme for the production line

the following is an application example of checking the contour of the insulating sleeve cut by the cutting machine. It is necessary to identify the unqualified insulating sleeve that exceeds 1mm lower than the standard scale during cutting. There are two difficulties in this application. The first is that the color of insulating sleeve is different, including blue and transparent. The smooth plastic surface has strong specular reflection, resulting in many bright spots in the image seen by ordinary cameras. By matching with the red background light source, the standard model of qcrobotr obtains high contrast images
the production line of insulating sleeve cannot always face the lens of vision system from the front, but qcrobot ensures that the contour is also clear from both the front and back, so as to save cost to the greatest extent and provide a good foundation for subsequent inspection
based on this powerful detection foundation, qcrobot has built-in powerful template matching algorithm to ensure that it can quickly find the parts to be identified, accurately identify the detailed features of the target, and give the signal of whether the detection is qualified or not

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