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Which manufacturer should I look for to buy heat shrinkable packaging machine?

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full automatic vertical L-type sealing and cutting:
jyzn-3555-11czl vertical L-type packaging machine is a full-automatic and unmanned vertical “L” type sealing and cutting machine, which is widely used in the flow process of mass production and packaging. It has high working efficiency, automatic film feeding and punching, automatic film covering and sealing and cutting. It only needs to manually adjust the film guide system and manually adjust the feed conveying platform, Suitable for products with different widths and heights
3. Perfect combination, efficient sealing and cutting shrinkage:
① equipped with Taiwan detection photoelectric, one group for horizontal and vertical detection, and one group for automatic material waiting photoelectric, which is easy to switch and select. For thin and small packages, sealing and packaging can be easily completed
② automatic feeding, and the length can also be adjusted automatically through the combination of electric eye and man-machine interface 1ms timing; Equipped with induction control motor for automatic waste coiling
③ when the package size changes, the adjustment is very simple without changing the mold and bag maker
④ products of different sizes can also be packaged in combination to achieve promotion effect
⑤ sealing, cutting and heat shrinkable packaging are completed continuously and automatically, with stable performance, labor saving, reliable quality, high shrinkage efficiency and strong applicability
⑥ high cost performance, economical and durable, suitable for sealing and cutting heat shrinkage of POF heat shrinkable film.

although I don’t know anything about this, I suggest you consider relevant forums or post bars to ask and send a help post. The people who know there should be more concentrated. Maybe they can find the answer soon. Maybe they will have the opportunity to communicate with you. How nice. In addition, you can also consider searching for relevant information on the Internet for reference. Good luck*^_^*

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