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Which one is better

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Which one has more affordable prices and good reputation and service? Please!

in fact, flat mold machinery and ring mold machinery have their own advantages in biomass particle molding

ring mold machinery is characterized by large output, beautiful particle forming and high density, up to 1-1.3. Particles can be made without any additives. The wear of pressing roller ring die is balanced, which can reduce the consumption of vulnerable consumables. Its disadvantage is that the power consumption is generally high

the advantage of flat die machine is low energy consumption and high mobility. It is suitable for small family workshops and not suitable for large-scale operation of factories and enterprises. Its disadvantages are low output, low pressure, difficult discharge and poor forming. If the working face is widened, the wear of pressing roller and flat die is uneven, and greater output can not be achieved. Cumbersome disassembly and assembly of accessories and troublesome maintenance


in short, the advantage of ring die is the disadvantage of flat die, and the advantage of flat die is also the disadvantage of ring die. However, it is reasonable to suggest using ring mold machinery as the main equipment of large-scale biomass particle enterprises. Without large-scale operation of biomass particles, there is no climate, that is, there is no benefit. The loss of light accessories can’t bear it.

HuiFu machinery and Huixing machinery are swindlers. Don’t buy them.

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