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Who can tell me where I can buy a small vacuum packaging machine and how much it costs.

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the price of common household small vacuum machines is not very high. You can start with 200-500. The bag may need a textured bag to vacuum. Online shopping or TV shopping can be found. Of course, there are physical stores. It depends on your personal preferences

operation steps of using vacuum machine to complete food packaging:

turn on the power


put the food to be vacuumized into the bag, put the bag mouth into the vacuum chamber

the food shall not exceed three-quarters of the bag, and smooth the bag mouth

4 Close the cover

5 Lock the latch

6 Select “dry matter”

7. Click “vacuum sealing”

8. Automatically jump to “sealing”

9. Open the knob latch

10. Open the cover and complete

is it household? If the dosage is very small, it’s about 200 yuan. It’s more than 1800 yuan cheaper for other work

vacuum machines are generally available in the hardware market or Electromechanical market. You can search your local hardware Electromechanical market on the Internet
there are two kinds of small vacuum machines:
1. For household use, it can be considered if the vacuum degree is not high. If there is no vacuum pump, the price is about 400 yuan
2. For professional vacuum machines with high requirements for vacuum degree, you can consider 260 vacuum machines, which are relatively small. For 350 and 400 models, they are desktop, small and compact, and the sealing length is within 260mm, 350mm and 400mm. They are equipped with vacuum pumps. They are suitable for vacuum sealing packaging of experiments, packaging tickets and small bags. The price is about 2000 to 5000
you can only see a picture on the Internet. Vacuum machines are almost the same, and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad. You can get the goods for every penny. Compare them before you buy. The product quality needs to be operated by yourself. You can only be sure after seeing it. The after-sales service should keep up with it. Don’t blindly choose the one with cheap price.

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