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Who knows the annual sales of Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola in recent 5 ~ 10 years?

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PepsiCo’s market in China


PepsiCo’s strict salesperson management

the Chinese market has its own characteristics, and Chinese employees also have their own characteristics. Managers who do not understand the characteristics of the Chinese market and Chinese employees cannot win in the Chinese market. Before 1999, the top managers of Guangzhou Pepsi Cola were mainly from abroad. They lacked a good understanding of the Chinese market and Chinese employees. According to the employees of Pepsi Cola, in the past, during the management period of foreigners, there were few tasks, high wages, and there was no difference between how much salespeople did and how little they did, and there was no risk of being fired. Since the Chinese became top managers in February 1999, our work pressure has increased, our wages have been reduced, and we are likely to be fired all the time


indeed, the achievements of Guangzhou Pepsi Cola company today are inseparable from its strict sales staff management. Managers know that in today’s Chinese market, those who master the channel terminal will master the consumers; Whoever controls the consumers will have the market. PepsiCo divides the first-line salespeople in Guangzhou into wat (wholesale assistant) and DSD (direct salesperson), in which DSD is the main force to engage in direct sales in Guangzhou market. The work contents of Wat and DSD mainly include customer visit, line management, bottle and box management, refrigerator management, goods display, pop posting, sales and purchase registration, understanding of competition, etc. The driver in charge of delivery will also do the payment settlement with customers. The management of Pepsi Cola salesperson is very strict. The directors of each district carry out on-site supervision and management. The salesperson must keep records of each visit, and the number of daily visits (face-to-face visits) has gradually developed from 30, 35, 40 to 45 in the past! No one dares to neglect the direct sales personnel with a sense of crisis

because Guangzhou Pepsi Cola company adopts a large number of direct selling methods and directly faces the terminal retail market, most retailers use Pepsi Cola refrigerators and bottle boxes, occupying a large amount of bottle pressing funds of dealers. When Coca Cola wakes up and adopts the same method to develop the terminal market, dealers are no longer willing to spend more bottle pressing funds, Naturally, it forms an obstacle to the sales channel of Coca Cola

Pepsi Cola’s changeable SP tactics

SP tactics are also called sales promotion or business promotion. It can be divided into SP tactics for consumers, dealers and salesmen. Pepsi Cola’s achievements are inseparable from its changeable and powerful promotion

from 1998 to 1999, Pepsi Cola launched the activities of pulling ring, bottle cap replaceme
nt and purchase of football star prizes in the World Cup football match, music stars replacement and purchase of singer prizes, seven happiness romantic small passbook replacement and Macao tourism activities in the Chinese market. These activities cover a wide range and have great influence, which have played a positive role in terminal promotion and improving sales

for dealers, PepsiCo mainly offers price concessions and discounts. In the sales of carbonated drinks in 1999, the wholesale price of Pepsi Cola was among the lowest among the competing brands, which has strong competitiveness. In addition to the low direct price, PepsiCo also provides dealers with activities such as one month’s credit support, free travel, quarterly lucky draw, VCD award and so on. For salesmen, PepsiCo adopts the incentive method of team operation similar to that of insurance sales team. The reward of business personnel is directly linked to the sales performance. On the premise of the specified base, the excess part will be rewarded in cash, and certain welfare rewards will be provided

“red and blue”: the Enlightenment of the two music war

Coca Cola was born in 1886, while Pepsi Cola was 12 years later than Coca Cola. There are many experiences and lessons worth learning from China’s beverage industry in the more than 100 years of the two music war. Coca Cola created Coca Cola culture. For example, the color of coke is coffee, the packaging is red, and the white font of “Coca Cola” shows a sense of coherence, streamline, elegance and jumping against the background of red. Red and white, traditional color, both simple and elegant, but also vitality. With a brand value of more than 80 billion US dollars, it has always been the first brand in the beverage industry

although Pepsi Cola has always been in the position of challenger, it has not adopted the strategy of imitating Coca Cola. She takes blue and white as the basic tone, and the “Pepsi Cola” blue font is very eye-catching against the white, showing vitality, enterprising, innovation and young culture. Pepsi’s challenge to the strong is commendable, and the challenge to Coca Cola will become more and more intense

the two music wars tell us that blindly imitating will only be in a backward state forever. Only by daring to innovate and challenge can we win a greater market share!

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