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Who knows the development and history of Coca Cola vending machine?

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John George came to the state in 1885 Dr. John S Pemberton, “mixing carbonated water with soda in the cellar to form a dark syrup. His partner, Frank m, Robinson, “inspired the naming from the two ingredients of syrup, so Coca Cola, the most successful soft drink in history, was born

on May 8, 1886, Coca Cola first sold


1887 John Pemberton registered the trademark of “Coca Cola syrup and concentrate” in the U.S. patent office and obtained its intellectual property rights

on August 30, 1888, the equity of Coca Cola was transferred to the tycoon ASA Chandler

in 1893, the trademark of Coca Cola was officially registered in the U.S. Patent Office

in 1899, ISA kaidler sold the right to pack

bottles and retained the ownership of the mysterious formula and the name of Coca Cola

Coca Cola entered the Asian market for the first time in 1912, and the bottling business officially began to operate

Alexander in 1915 Samuelson designed the prototype of Coca Cola arc bottle, which is patented by rutt glass company and recognized as a standard packaging bottle by the bottling Association

in 1923, six bottles of paper cartons were launched, and the following year, the carton was patented. Robert Woodruff was elected president of Coca Cola

1927 Coca Cola entered China for the first time and set up bottling plants in Tianjin and Shanghai

Cooperation with Coca Cola began in 1928

1931 represents the first Santa Claus of Coca Cola, and the automatic vending machine of Coca Cola appeared in Chicago by the illustrator


1941 Coca Cola used “coke” in advertisements for the first time

1942 Coca Cola appeared the first paper cup

in 1945, “coke” became a registered trademark of Coca Cola company

in 1948, Shanghai, China became the first market outside the United States with annual sales exceeding 1 million cases

in 1950, CBS broadcast Coca Cola’s first TV advertisement

1955. As the first new product sold by Coca Cola, fanda orange soda was listed in Naples, Italy. Fanta Series beverages entered the American market in 1960

on April 21, 1960, Coca Cola curve bottle applied for patent. Launch 12 ounce steel can packaging. Coca Cola

Company acquired meijuice company and added meijuice product line to its product portfolio

sprite was officially launched on February 1, 1961

in 1978, after nearly 30 years of retirement, Coca Cola signed an agreement with the Chinese government to return to the Chinese market. Launch 2-liter plastic bottles

diet Coca Cola came out on February 4, 1982

1985 the United States brought Coca Cola into outer space with the challenger, becoming the first soft drink for human beings to drink in space

1986 cherry Coca Cola came out

in 2001, Coca Cola company cooperated with Nestle

in 2002, it launched vanilla Coca Cola in the United States

in 2004, it launched lime flavored diet Coca Cola

in 2005, it launched aluminum curved bottles and sugar free products – zero Coca Cola

in 2008, as a global partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Coca Cola connected more than 500 million Chinese consumers through in-depth promotion activities. Sprite has become the third product with annual sales of more than 2 billion boxes of Coca Cola, and is called the three leading products together with Coca Cola and diet coke

during the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, 100 million yuan was donated for disaster assistance and post disaster reconstruction

the plant environmental protection bottle was launched in 2009. Part of the bottle is made of plant-based materials and can be completely recycled

in 2010, Coca Cola became a global partner of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The enterprise pavilion “Coca Cola happy workshop” attracted more than 1 million tourists

Meiliyuan fruit orange, independently developed by Coca Cola in China in 2011, has a brand value of more than US $1 billion, making it the 14th beverage brand under Coca Cola with a brand value of more than US $1 billion

1934 Coca Cola’s vending machine appeared in Chicago.

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