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Why can coconut tree brand coconut milk monopolize the coconut milk market so much?

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because the coconut juice of coconut tree brand has entered the minds of Chinese people. Since the birth of this brand, they have been dedicated to the production of coconut milk, so that Chinese people can drink the coconut milk of conscience. Although China’s coconut production is not very high in the world, 90% of China’s Coconut forests are in Hainan

coconut juice of coconut tree brand can not only maintain its own conscience, but also continuously improve, because with the continuous development of the coconut industry chain, the price of coconut will become higher and higher. However, the price of coconut juice of coconut tree brand has not been raised. Not only because of this, but also because the coconut group has been echoed by the country. Long ago, coconut group had a goal. Because of this goal, Hainan Province will provide coconut group with a very reliable source of raw materials, that is, the source of coconut

in addition, China is not a tropical country, so coconut is a rare plant. Chinese people will also want to buy Coconut milk to try drinking and taste the taste of coconut. More and more people like to drink coconut juice, but now coconut group is also facing the problem of short supply. In China, it is not easy to raise such a brand dedicated to coconut milk


it is not so simple for coconut milk from other countries to enter the hearts of Chinese people. When there are not enough raw materials, of course, they want to give raw materials to some big brands, but those small brands have no raw materials and can only use some coconut milk, but the shelf life of coconut milk is very short. After adding additives, the taste will become very different and can not compare with coconut milk of coconut tree brand in taste. For consumers, no matter what reason you are, just let me drink the coconut milk I want to drink. Therefore, the current situation is that the coconut juice of coconut tree brand is the first order of coconut juice in the eyes of Chinese people. No other brand can shake his position

first, the consistent “unfashionable packaging” insists on creating a unique brand identity

in product marketing, many brands will spend a lot of effort on packaging. In this era of information fragmentation, the role of packaging is not only to explain the products, but also to instantly grasp the hearts of consumers, and packaging is the most intuitive and lowest cost marketing

however, as a beverage manufacturer, especially in terms of packaging strategy, very few brands are like coconut trees, and can adhere to this set of design for ten years: word typesetting font and gorgeous color matching; Known as “coconut tree brand coconut milk” style by the industry, it can also be called the debris flow in the packaging industry. It can be said to be the most famous brand

in this way, it is unique among many beverage brands! The identification degree on the package has also become the most important link for consumers to remember coconut tree and coconut milk

although many brands have maintained novel and unique strategies in packaging and marketing to attract the attention of consumers, such as the exquisite packaging of Xi tea and Naixue, they have also received high praise from many consumers

it has to be admitted that the “unfashionable” oriented visual effect of coconut tree may not look good from the appearance level

but good-looking is not the standard of good advertising. The hard truth is to really solve the product problem! Packaging design, whether from the recognition of visual color matching, or the refinement of product value, and finally to the presentation of product copywriting; Coconut trees are undoubtedly successful, and are very effective, directly leading the sales of products

II. The “unfashionable” communication has been fully implemented to subvert the alternative marketing model.

besides packaging “earthy”, coconut juice also adheres to the concept of “earthy” in its advertising communication strategy

in many advertising films in the past, the slogan of coconut tree and coconut milk was “white, tender and moving curve”. With the plump beauties around, they played and jumped on the beach and displayed the plump curve, which became “a mudslide in the advertising industry”

just like its slogan: “drink from childhood to grow up”, it also adheres to this concept. The words are popular and simple, and the appeal points are clear, conveying a consistent product concept to consumers

of course, when you see here, you may say that coconut juice is advertising with a marginal ball to win the attention of consumers. It is undeniable that this marketing method of “breast enhancement appeal” should be their only failure

just as the advertiser ye Maozhong said in the “notes of the advertiser”: “advertising cannot exist without marketing, and no customer has ever found an advertising company for the purpose of professional and elegant advertising. They only need advertising, that is to successfully sell their products.”

coconut juice has indeed achieved this goal and successfully sold the product with “unfashionable flavor” marketing

all the marketing changes are based on the priority of quality. Coconut tree dares to keep this “unfashionable marketing” all the time, which is popular in this beauty era, and it must be inseparable from its excellent products

Third, behind successful brand marketing, it is always inseparable from products + services

no matter in all walks of life, the quality of products is the only standard to test the brand. Only when the quality passes, the brand can last for a long time

depending on the production advantages of Hainan, coconut juice has been made by extracting fresh coconut meat for 31 years, so as to ensure that the coconut juice of coconut brand is free of any essence and preservative, and to ensure the natural taste. Coconut tree and coconut milk are favored by the majority of consumers with this consistent product concept

in addition to the taste of coconut juice, coconut juice also has its unique side in customer service.

needless to say, there are many kinds of coconut milk brands on the market, but Xiaobian believes that the coconut brand tastes the best and most authentic. It is not difficult to find out from the ingredients list that the coconut juice of the coconut tree brand is not added with essence, and is produced only with coconut milk. Many other coconut milk is blended with essence. The Chinese taste buds are so picky that the coconut brand is better

but coconut milk is a big market in China. Don’t other manufacturers want to improve their quality to seize this market? Of course, the answer is no, but in reality, it is not allowed. In fact, the raw materials used to produce raw coconut milk are basically monopolized by coconut group. China’s coconut production is actually very small. It is estimated that the total output can only rank outside the dozen in the world, and almost 90% of China’s coconuts are produced in Hainan, China. In this case, coconut in Hainan is still in short supply, which is estimated to be only about one tenth of the local demand. A large number of coconut related industries in Hainan need to import raw materials from abroad. However, the demand of raw material importing countries is also great. Countries such as Vietnam and Thailand have developed tourism in recent years, and their own coconut deep processing is also developing. Therefore, the price of coconut that can be exported is getting higher and higher

the current scale of coconut forest in Hainan is also due to the “one million mu coconut forest” project implemented by the Secretary of Hainan provincial Party committee in 1999. At that time, the output of coconut brand was not so large, and coconut group even worried about the project for a time. They are afraid
that such a large-scale supply of raw materials will give birth to many large and small coconut juice enterprises, become competitors with them and disrupt the market. At that time, they did not expect that up to now, the number of coconuts produced locally in Hainan has far failed to keep up with the market demand. In recent years, the shortage of raw materials of coconut group has become more and more serious. It can be said that it is not enough for local coconut in China to feed a coconut brand. After monopolizing the raw material market, most other manufacturers can only choose to use coconut milk if they want to enter the coconut milk market. The coconut milk made with coconut milk and additives has a gap in taste. I believe everyone can drink it

if other enterprises rely on imports to break the monopoly, their overall cost will be high. High costs will naturally lead to high retail prices. If the price is high, manufacturers have to package themselves as high-end brands and take the high-end route. The problem is that coconut brand is a state banquet brand. It’s not easy for other brands to take the high-end route. As a result, low-end products have been blasted by quality, and high-end brands can’t do it again. At the current price, coconut brand is almost invincible with the advantage of raw materials
good quality, conscience, domestic goods and monopoly advantages. Coconut tree brand can be popular for 30 years and become the big brother of industry monopoly. Naturally, it is not difficult to understand.

China’s coconut production is not high in the world, ranking 16th. Ninety percent of the coconut forests are in Hainan. In this way, Hainan Island should be very rich in coconut production? Wrong. Even in Hainan, the output of coconut can only cover 10% of the demand. Many coconut related industries in Hainan need to import raw materials from overseas. Due to the continuous development of coconut deep processing industry and tourism in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, there are more and more export restrictions on fresh coconut and the price remains high. In 1996, coconut group started the “one million ton Coconut Milk Plan”, in which the biggest problem is the supply of coconut raw materials. In 1999, the Secretary of Hainan provincial Party committee proposed to implement the “million mu coconut forest project”, which provided a reliable source of raw materials for coconut group. There was another episode in that year. The coconut group, which was still the leader and monopolist of coconut milk at that time, had mixed feelings about this. It was happy that the supply of raw materials was sufficient. It was worried that the open supply of raw materials would give birth to a large number of large and small coconut milk enterprises to become competitors and disrupt the market. But looking back today, coconut group thinks more. In 2017, coconut group still faced a shortage of raw materials and its production could not keep up with the market demand. It can be said that the coconuts that can be used for raw coconut juice in China can only feed one coconut brand coconut juice (it may not be enough). Most other manufacturers who want to enter the coconut milk market can only use coconut milk, and the shelf life of coconut milk is not long. After adding additives and re blending, the taste is very poor

the result is that at the current price, coconut juice is almost invincible with the advantages of raw materials

high end coconut milk brands can’t do it. Low end coconut milk is dished by coconut group. Those of the same grade can’t do the same scale and reputation

the coconut group not only kept its own one-third of an mu of land, but also let the Chinese people drink the coconut juice of conscience.

let me write an answer. My father is a coconut worker. He was a leader five years ago. His two most distressing coconut products are:

1. Xiahuo tea

this factory has made great efforts. It has also set up a factory in Shaoxing. It is completely different from the current coconut ghost animal packaging. It is very tall. The sales of coconut in the past few years are very good, It even shares the same interest with the former Wang Laoji’s current JDB and occupies the Jiangnan market. Later, because the Chinese Medicine Association can’t show fire and other words that clearly suggest the curative effect and exaggerate the effect in the advertisement, it has been changed to “frighten fire tea”, which is a fake for itself,

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