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Why can’t sf-150 multifunctional stainless steel film sealing machine seal

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The equipment is normal, but it can’t be sealed? What should I do?

Hello friend

there are several problems with the sealing machine

1 The machine can be heated. Feel whether there is heat energy where your fingers are close to the heating block


2. If the equipment is normal, look at the material of the bag and try another bag (in one case, for example, the film of flowers has no adhesive layer, and it is useless to dissolve or react no matter how high the temperature)

3.1 if the bag is not firm, the aging temperature of the heating tube cannot be raised. 3.2 if the printing rotation of the sealing machine is too loose, it may be solved by stepping up

the sealing machine is relatively simple. The above problems are common problems. I hope they can help you solve your difficulties.

can it be sealed before? Or you can’t seal after changing the bag, or your sealing machine doesn’t heat!! If you can’t seal the bag after changing it, there should be something wrong with your bag material. Check the details yourself

==============================================================================================================. I wish you happy every day.

can’t all the bags be sealed? Or a specific bag
you can consult him directly under Baidu’s “sealing machine tiger”.

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