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Why do vinegar manufacturers generally use plastic bottles of vinegar?

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due to the advantages of plastic products, such as not easy to damage, light weight, large capacity and easy to carry, plastic containers are not only welcomed by manufacturers, but also favored by countless ordinary people. And many people also like to reuse the used plastic beverage bottles, oil barrels, vinegar bottles and so on

however, due to the poor light resistance and easy aging of this kind of plastic, if it is used for a long time or repeatedly, it is easy to produce peculiar smell and breed bacteria, which will lead to the deterioration of the contained substances

plastic bottles cannot be used repeatedly. Plastic bottles made of


pet are best discarded after one use. Do not use them repeatedly. Studies have found that after 10 months of use, pet plastic packaging containers may release DEHP, that is, plasticizer. Keep the bottles and beverages near the hot stove or at a higher temperature, and avoid direct sunlight. Some consumers use beverage bottles to hold seasonings such as old wine, soy sauce and vinegar

international animal experimental research shows that long-term high-dose intake of “plasticizer” will interfere with human endocrine system and reproductive toxicity, such as damaging male reproductive ability and promoting female precocious puberty

reference to the above: People’s Daily – health preservation: how to stay away from plasticizers and don’t use plastic bottles repeatedly

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