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Why does canned Babao porridge keep for a long time?

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canned Babao porridge is a kind of food that meets the requirements of commercial sterility and can be preserved for a long time at room temperature by processing, blending, canning, sealing, sterilization, cooling or aseptic filling

canned food is commercially sterile after sealed packaging rather than vacuum, and then strict sterilization process. In essence, it is impossible to use vacuum technology to prevent the reproduction of bacteria, and preservatives are not required strictly

extended data:


nutritional value of Babao porridge:

1. Easy to digest. When the boiling temperature of white rice exceeds 60 ℃, it will produce gelatinization. The boiled soft porridge will melt in the mouth. It is very easy to digest after eating. It is very suitable for people with gastrointestinal discomfort. Enhance appetite and replenish physical strength

2. Prevent constipation. Modern people have exquisite diet and lack of exercise, and many have constipation symptoms. Porridge contains a lot of water. Drinking more porridge on weekdays can not only satisfy hunger, but also supplement water for the body and effectively prevent constipation

3. Prevent dry throat. For people with throat discomfort and speech pain, warm porridge juice can moisturize the throat and effectively relieve discomfort

4. Recuperate the intestines and stomach. Patients with weak gastrointestinal function or ulcer should eat less and more meals, chew and swallow slowly on weekdays, which is very suitable for drinking porridge to recuperate their intestines and stomach

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Canned

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is it useful to say so much? Is there any scientific evidence?
there is no preservative, and the weather in June is not good for two days.
what kind of exotic flower with high temperature? Whose Babao porridge has not been cooked and can exhaust at high temperature by itself. It is said that the factory equipment is very advanced.
in addition, I want to tell you something practical /most substances will react chemically when encountering water /especially high-energy food
I believe it if it is dry food

canned Babao porridge is sterilized at high temperature and vacuum packed. The air in the tank has been discharged, which can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, molds and pathogenic bacteria, and inactivate the enzymes in the food, so that the food can be preserved for a long time
PS: in fact, canning already existed in Napoleon’s time.

the inside of the commodity Babao porridge is sterilized, and has a certain vacuum degree. It is well sealed, so the shelf life is long

if the eight treasure porridge made in your home is handled well, the shelf life is also relatively long


1). Prepare several bottles that can be sealed (such as glass cans)

2. Boil the bottle and lid with boiling water for sterilization

3). Pour the boiled Babao porridge into the newly treated bottle (be careful not to buy too much, leaving a gap of 1-2 cm)

4). Tighten the cover and put it in a cool place. (if the treatment is successful, it can be seen that there is a certain depression in the cover towards the bottle, indicating that the seal is good)
after this treatment, it can be stored in the refrigerator for half a month, no problem

the shelf life of canned Babao porridge is usually two years. Other brands don’t know much about it, but the often bought Yinlu is related to its raw material canning production process. When it comes to raw material canning, you may be unfamiliar, but the principle is well understood, that is, put clean ingredients into an independent small tank first, add hot soup, exhaust and seal, and then cook at high temperature. This process of packaging and sealing first and then cooking at high temperature can ensure that the ingredients are isolated from the air, avoid pollution, and achieve the purpose of long-term storage, which is very environmentally friendly and hygienic
therefore, if you are worried about this, you should choose a big brand, such as the Babao porridge brand like Yinlu. You can eat it at ease. I used to store a box of Zhenyang porridge in the company and at home, which has been almost eliminated. The elderly at home said not to buy it. They would still take it out for afternoon tea every afternoon when they were hungry. Rock sugar osmanthus horseshoe porridge has now been promoted to their favorite taste.

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