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Home Logistics News With an average of 240 million pieces per day, how can express packaging achieve green environmental protection and saving?

With an average of 240 million pieces per day, how can express packaging achieve green environmental protection and saving?

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I think we should make full use of the express packaging box and not over package

I’m sure you didn’t ask this question until you saw the special rectification activity on excessive packaging in the express industry. Because now the express industry does have excessive packaging behavior, which not only wastes financial resources, but also pollutes the environment. It is not a good thing for consumers, so many people are advocating rejecting the excessive packaging of express delivery

the express industry is gradually rising


with the further popularization of e-commerce industry, every household will buy all kinds of things online, which means that the express industry is gradually rising. One data shows that now our daily express business volume has exceeded 240 million pieces, and the service population has covered 500 million person times . This data also reflects the current hot market in the express industry, but behind the hot market means excessive waste of resources

excessive packaging of express delivery has been explicitly prohibited

in the past, the express industry often had the phenomenon of excessive packaging of express pieces, but a large number of packaging boxes were wrapped around small things this situation is a serious waste of resources. Although it can significantly improve the efficiency of the express industry, it cannot be at the cost of polluting the environment . Many places have begun to clearly regulate the packaging specifications of express delivery in order to further curb this phenomenon of excessive packaging and protect the environment

environmental protection and conservation require the joint efforts of each and every one of us

the reason is very simple, because environmental protection is definitely not the business of a group of people, but the business of all of us. If every one of us can participate in it and start from ourselves, environmental governance is of course nothing. Take the express industry we often mention as an example. If every user refuses to over package, the phenomenon of over packaging in this industry will be rectified and the problem of environmental pollution will be smaller and smaller in my opinion, economic development should not be at the expense of the environment, otherwise we may have to pay for environmental governance again in a few years

I think we can store those discarded express packages and reuse them to save costs.

I think we can reduce the packaging of express delivery under the condition of ensuring the safety of delivery. In this way, we can better realize environmental protection.

we must advocate streamlined packaging. Only in this way can we curb the wrong behavior of excessive packaging.

I think it is necessary to establish an environmental protection company to collect these express packages before they can be processed centrally.

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