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What are the quality problems and solutions of garment packaging bags?

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for the common problems and solutions of clothing packaging bags, shunxingyuan packaging is summarized as follows:
1. inaccurate overprinting
⑴ equipment reasons. In the long-term production process, some main parts of the equipment are worn, such as the bulkhead is not properly installed, the printing shaft is bent, the lap tooth is worn, the sleeve shaft is not oiled, and the uneven traction roller will affect the inaccurate overprinting
⑵ the overprint is not accurate due to uneven pressure of each chromatic register of the printing plate roller, uneven pressure at the left and right ends of the printing plate roller, loose printing roller and other factors
⑶ in terms of process technology, the tension control of uncoiling and rewinding is unbalanced, the operation is wrong, and the air heat is inappropriate. Tension imbalance and other factors affect overprint inaccuracy
⑷ incorrect overprinting is caused by the inconsistent specifications of each set of plate making (exceeding the normal error range)
(5) the high viscosity of the ink will affect the inaccurate overprint
(6) the change of film properties (uneven thickness) affects the constant tension, resulting in inaccurate overprint
⑺ in terms of subjective factors, the printing operators should be highly responsible in the normal production process, concentrate their thoughts, operate carefully, check the product quality, find and solve problems in time
2. ink adhesion
⑴ solvent problem due to improper solvent ratio, the solvent volatilizes too slowly. The solvent contains a small amount of high boiling point substances such as cyclohexanone, butanol, etc., and the resin has poor solvent release
⑵ in terms of equipment, the hot air quantity of the drying device is insufficient, the cold and hot air are improperly used, and the vehicle speed is too fast
⑶ in plate making, the depth of the gravure roller is too deep
⑷ the ink is too thick and contains too much plasticizer
(5) the traction roller is pulled too tight, and the winding tension is too large
⑥ for the film, the additives contained in the film are soluble to the solvent, affecting the release of the solvent, and the corona treatment does not or does not or does not reach the required surface tension index
⑺ environmental factors such as high temperature, humid air and excessive pressure cause ink adhesion
3. the pattern lines are incomplete
⑴ the ink dries too fast, causing dryness
⑵ excessive wind and heat will affect the drying of the concave surface of the printing roller
⑶ the plate making corrosion is too shallow and the ink adhesion is less
⑷ the pressure of the printing roller and the embossing roller is too light
(5) the distance between the doctor blade on the printing roller and the impression point is too far (the reverse doctor blade of the drum machine is easy to dry the plate)
⑥ the vehicle speed is too slow
4. in terms of line marks
⑴ there are hard particles and impurities at the edge of the doctor blade close to the surface of the printing roller, which must be removed in time. For any unfixed line marks, just sharpen or change the knife
⑵ if the lines are fixed, there may be hard impurities embedded in the printing roller dot, and the machine must be stopped for removal
⑶ when the new version roller starts printing, the fixed line mark is generally caused by the rough surface of the printing roller is not polished after chrome plating or the revision needle eye
⑷ if the resin and pigment in the ink are not finely ground, it will also cause line marks. A copper wire brush must be used to remove the impurities in the dot, and the 120 mesh copper wire screen shall be used for filtering before printing
(5) the angle, position, hardness and thickness of the scraper must be adjusted properly
there are many factors that affect product quality in the process of plastic intaglio rotary printing, which can only be solved by wiping the rope in the printing practice in combination with the actual situation of field equipment and raw and auxiliary materials.

for example, whether the overprint is accurate, whether the edges of small words and lines can be seen… Shunxingyuan packaging is available for interpretation

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